Freedom of information

Publication Timetable

WFD is a public authority and is accountable much in the same way as a government department. Since 30th November 2002, public authorities have been required to develop and maintain a publication scheme detailing the information, including publications, that will be routinely publicly available, explaining how to request information and setting out any charges to be levied.

WFD’s publication timetable is outlined below, generally we aim to publish proactively on an annual and quarterly basis:

Register of interests March
Annual Business Plan February
Annual Reports & Accounts July (After laid before Parliament)
Board Minutes Quarterly
Evaluations – FCO/DFID/External N/A
Evaluations – Programmes April
Disclosure log Quarterly
Senior staff allowances & expenses Quarterly
Annual strategies April
Programme summaries  Quarterly
Programme Completion Reports April

How to request information from the Publication Scheme

If the information required is not already contained within the WFD website you can request that information in writing by post or email. Please address your request to:

Kerrie Doogan-Turner
Communications Officer
Westminster Foundation for Democracy
Artillery House, 11-19 Artillery Row
London, SW1P 1RT

All the documents and information listed below are available in a paper version for a cost. Documents that can be emailed will be free of charge, unless marked otherwise. All items for which there is a charge must be pre-paid. All prices include postage. Receipts will not be issued except on request. We will respond to the request as quickly as possible, but within 20 working days. Please note we are not obliged to create documents that do not already exist in order to include them in the scheme.

Classes of Information and List of Documents

  • Strategic planning, policy making and governance
    Articles of Association – £2
    Memorandum of Association – £2
    Certificate of Incorporation – £10
    Management Statement and Financial Memorandum (paper) – £5
    Annual Report and Accounts (paper) – £10.75
    Annual Review (paper) – £2
    Corporate Plan 2009–12 – £5
    Business Plan 2010-11 – £5
    List of Board and Sub-Committee meetings – £2
  • Financial management
    Procurement and tendering procedure – £2
    Income and expenditure account – £2
    Pay and grading structure – £2


The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) includes exemptions that apply to certain types of information, such as information relating to national security or international relations. Under the Data Protection Act we are under a legal obligation to protect information about third parties. This right takes precedence over the FOIA requirement, so if we receive requests for information that include third party data we anticipate that we will usually refuse the request or remove text for reasons of confidentiality. We will indicate in the document where portions have been removed and the reasons for doing so. The specific exemptions used will be cited by WFD when a refusal is made. To see a list of the exemptions, please visit: We reserve the right to apply exemptions in areas other than Data Protection as they arise. Please see the ‘Complaints Procedure’ for information about appealing against a refusal.

Complaints Procedure 

If you feel that WFD is avoiding its duties under the Act, please contact us to express your concerns. If you disagree with a decision for non-disclosure of information under the Act, you have the right to appeal to the Chief Executive and have your request reviewed by a different officer.

If, after appeal, you are still unhappy with WFD’s decision, or feel that WFD is being in any way obstructive, you may contact the Information Commissioner with your concerns.

Information Commissioner
Wycliffe House
Water Lane