Financial information

  • How we are funded

The Westminster Foundation for Democracy receives grant-in-aid funding from the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) and is accountable to Parliament for its expenditure.

More information about our activities and sources of income is available in the Westminster Foundation for Democracy’s Annual Reports and Accounts. The Framework Agreement (2013) between WFD and the FCO sets out the broad framework within which WFD will operate.

The Framework Agreement replaces the 2004 Management Statement and Financial Memorandum.

  • Annual Reports and Accounts

2016-17 Annual Report and Accounts

2015-2016 Annual Report and Accounts

2014-2015 Annual Report and Accounts

2013-2014 Annual Report and Accounts 

2012-2013 Annual Report and Accounts

2011-2012 Annual Report and Accounts

2010-2011 Annual Report and Accounts 

  • Corporate and Business Plans

More details about WFD’s spending can be found in the Corporate and Business Plans available below:

2015-2016 WFD Business Plan

2014-2015 WFD Business Plan

2013-2014 WFD Business Plan

  • Financial Data

Leadership salaries and expenses are available in the remuneration report contained within our Annual Report.

The Board of Governors are required to declare any interests, travel or gifts that may conflict with their work at WFD.

2016-2017 WFD Board declaration of interests

2015-2016 WFD Board declaration of interests 

2014-2015 WFD Board declaration of interests