Parliaments in context: a parliament’s relationship with democratic trends

The launch of WFD’s new partnership with openDemocracy aims to tackle the question of how do parliaments shape democracy (and democracies shape parliaments)? We want to encourage a conversation about what works best for parliamentary strengthening.

WFD’s Parliamentary Adviser, Victoria Hasson, has been reflecting on her experience conducting context analysis of parliaments and how their interaction with citizens can shape their rules of procedure.

“The nature and direction of this interaction is not static and at a given moment broader democratic trends inform an institution’s internal procedures” she argued in her article for openDemocracy.

You can read Victoria’s full article on the importance on context analysis here.

As she stressed:

“It is not easy trying to figure out how best to institutionalise public will and opinion, moreover figuring out how best to ensure this is translated into laws or other state instruments that give effect to that opinion. Until the rules of the game have been established, and until a set of repeated practices have emerged as a valued set of ‘standing orders’, this iterative outside-in interaction must and does take place.”

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