Supporting overseas democracies remains critical for advancing British interests and values in the world.  Westminster Foundation for Democracy supports UK efforts to promote democracy and defend human rights in developing and transition countries.  At the same time there is growing recognition that progress on international development depends on improved governance. WFD's strategic framework for 2015-2020 sets out how the Foundation will serve both these goals over the next five years. 

Past publications: 

Supporting Democracy & Good Governance 2012-15 provides an overview of WFD's parliamentary and civil society programmes between 2012-2015.

Politics In Our Backyard outlines the authority and responsibility of local councillors in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Human Rights Handbook was developed by The Westminster Consortium (TWC) and the International Bar Association Human Rights Institute (IBAHRI). It is a useful reference tool designed to support MPs and parliamentary staff ensure that legislation they pass is aligned to international human rights conventions.

The Handbook on Ethics and Conduct (Also available in Arabic) (2009) is a tool for parliamentarians to develop and strengthen ethics regimes in their own parliaments as well as to promote best practice in this area.

Building Better Democracies (2004) outlines the major conclusions from a two day conference held to tackle ways to build stronger political parties in emerging democracies.