VIDEO: What can parliaments and parties do to tackle corruption?

Our editorial partners openDemocracy asked an anti-corruption campaigner, a former ambassador and a youth activist what parliaments and political parties can do to fight abuses of power.

The interviews were recorded on 11 May at the Commonwealth’s Tackling Corruption Together conference – one day ahead of the UK Government’s Anti-Corruption Summit.

“Parliaments and political parties have to ensure that the state has independent law enforcement and judiciary,” Daria Kaleniuk, director of the Anti-Corruption Action Centre in Kiev told us.

Emmanuel Sanyi, a youth activist at the Global Youth Anti-Corruption Network (pictured above), urged parliamentarians to seek oversight of the Anti-Corruption bodies which are accountable to governments rather than themselves. “Integrity, transparency and accountability need to form the core values of political parties,” he urged. “Parliaments represent the people. They need to be grounded in integrity.”

Myles Wickstead, Visiting Professor of International Relations at King’s College London, agreed. “The first thing parliaments and political parties can do is not be corrupt themselves,” he said. “They have to be absolutely clear they are leaders and have to set an example.”

Watch the video in full:

Featured image: Flickr / Commonwealth

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