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23 June 2015
Westminster Foundation for Democracy would like to hear from MPs, former MPs, peers and former peers who might be interested in assisting in WFD's work with overseas parliaments and political parties in developing democracies.
21 June 2015
RCPP President
Now in its third year, one of WFD's partners in the Democratic Republic of Congo reflects on the impact of the Foundation's programme in his country.
05 June 2015
Jordanian Speaker
Following the success of WFD's first multi-year programme in Jordan, WFD will build on one of its essential achievements: the establishment of a parliamentary research centre. The goal of the new programme is to further develop an information service that will inform MPs in their key roles of legislation, oversight and representation.
04 June 2015
Western Balkans Network
WFD has a new three year programme in the Western Balkans. It will build on the success of its previous work in the region with the Network of Parliamentary Committees.
29 May 2015
EU logo
Westminster Foundation for Democracy has begun recruiting British observers for European Union election missions. This follows the award by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of a contract to recruit and train British election observers.
20 May 2015
Clive Alderton
WFD has been granted funding by the FCO's Arab Partnership Fund to continue its democracy building work with the Moroccan Parliament. Central to the new programme will be implementation of democratic reforms in Morocco's constitution.
05 May 2015
'Supporting Democracy and Good Governance' provides a summary of Westminster Foundation for Democracy's parliamentary strengthening and civil society programmes for the period 2012-2015.
24 April 2015
George Kunnath
Westminster Foundation for Democracy plays a central role in strengthening overseas parliaments - including support to parliamentarians in navigating the challenging terrain of fiscal management. WFD's George Kunnath says that the age of austerity highlights the essential role that parliaments can and should play in public finance management. For more read his blog.
21 April 2015
How can parliaments best protect and promote human rights? This is the central question addressed by the recently published 'Parliaments and Human Rights' which examines parliamentary practices that can uphold national and international human rights laws.
26 March 2015
The UK Liberal Democrats have been working with their sister party in Serbia for three years, developing party structures to support young people, women and minority rights. Now the party has established a human rights council with a specific focus on LGBT. For more read this blog by the UK Liberal Democrats international projects officer, Harriet Shone.