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09 October 2015
Nobel Peace Prize
Nejib Jeridi, WFD’s Country Representative in Tunisia, was interviewed by BBC Radio 4’s The World At One programme.
08 October 2015
Magnifying glass map
Graeme Ramshaw, WFD’s Director of Research and Evaluation, describes how our new approach to M&E finds space for flexibility within the confines of the DFID logframe.
30 September 2015
“Kyrgyzstan,” says Akylbek Sarbagyshov, WFD’s Programme Manager in the country, “is an island of democracy in an authoritarian ocean” and it sums up what WFD does best: helping parties develop their capabilities in a parliamentary context.
17 September 2015
CoP panel
“Getting a parliament encased within a culture of parliamentarianism is the desirable goal,” constitutionalist Lord Norton of Louth told yesterday’s Community of Practice launch. “The question is how you achieve it.”
16 September 2015
Westminster across river
Graeme Ramshaw, WFD’s director of research and evaluation, writes about the thinking behind the Community of Practice launch.
15 September 2015
Iraqi voter
As the world marks the United Nations’ International Day of Democracy, WFD staff describe how their recent experiences in the field have affected them personally.
15 September 2015
Magna Carta
WFD welcomes today’s announcement that the UK government is creating a new £100,000 pilot fund to share British legal expertise around the world.
09 September 2015
Lords night view
WFD hosted a book launch for former Chilean minister Sergio Bitar and international relations professor Abe Lowenthal’s new publication, Democratic Transitions.
08 September 2015
Uganda Women
Ending sexual harassment, domestic violence and other forms of gender inequality in Uganda isn’t easy. But by helping local leaders and civil society organisations bring women together through the country’s first ever Women’s Parliament, WFD is helping gather momentum behind the campaign for real change.
04 September 2015
IPU declaration
As the Inter-Parliamentary Union’s three-day parliamentary leaders’ summit wraps up in New York, WFD Chief Executive Anthony Smith sizes up the Declaration emerging from it.