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05 December 2014
Anthony Smith 2014
In his blog 'The End of the Beginning - First Impressions in the Westminster Foundation for Democracy' Chief Executive, Anthony Smith reflects on his first three months in the job.
02 December 2014
Punjab delegation
As part of the 'Deepening democratic engagement in the province of Punjab' programme, WFD organised a visit by Pakistani women MPs to meet their Jordanian counterparts in Amman.
29 November 2014
ALN GA 2014
The Africa Liberal Network has unanimously adopted a 12 point human rights framework at its largest ever general assembly in Morocco. Dubbed the 'Marrakesh Declaration' it commits members to outlaw discriminatory practices - including those against gender, race, ethnicity, religion and sexuality.
26 November 2014
WFD's Chief Executive, Anthony Smith, has given evidence to the International Development Select Committee for its inquiry into parliamentary strengthening. He said the Foundation could play a leading role in delivering more effective and coordinated parliamentary strengthening initiatives for the UK government.
13 November 2014
Maja Gojkovic
The Speaker of Serbia's National Assembly confirmed that WFD will help to found a budget office in Belgrade. Maja Gojkovic says the move will strengthen democratic processes by enabling Serbian MPs to exercise greater scrutiny in the use of public money.
10 November 2014
Nejib Jeridi
As Tunisia votes in historic elections WFD launches a programme to support newly elected members in their roles as MPs and representatives of their parties. WFD's programme manager, Nejib Jeridi in Tunis says that the elections give good reason for optimism but that the country's democracy remains fragile - and reversible - which is why support remains vital to help Tunisia complete the transition.
03 November 2014
IPU October 2014
Can WFD work with other European parliamentary strengthening initiatives to advance its goal of achieving greater democratic outcomes overseas? A question that was debated at a gathering of parliamentary experts convened by WFD.
29 October 2014
Lib Dem logo 99
In partnership with the UK Liberal Democrats, the Africa Liberal Network will convene next month in Marrakesh, Morocco. The largest gathering of the network to date, this year's theme is: 'Human rights, increasing participation: providing a voice for all.'
26 October 2014
Flag of Tunisia
As Tunisia votes for its first parliament under a new constitution passed earlier this year, WFD launches a programme to support the newly elected members fulfil their roles as MPs and representatives of their parties.
07 October 2014
The International Development Select Committee is conducting an inquiry into whether DFID should give higher priority to parliamentary strengthening in developing countries. WFD has submitted evidence and recommendations that greater investment and ambition are required in supporting parliaments.