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Workshop builds skills of Tunisian youth leaders

05 March 2013
More than 35 youth leaders from across Tunisia, representing 11 of the country’s political parties,  got together in early March 2013 to take part in a workshop on developing and building strategies for engaging young people in policy-making.

The two-day regional workshop, facilitated by the UK’s Westminster Foundation for Democracy, also focused on improving communication and debating skills of youth leaders.

The cross-party workshop was facilitated by trainers from the UK’s Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat and Democratic Unionist parties.

Topics up for discussion at the workshop included a session on campaigning, with groups tasked with preparing a campaign for a fictitious election, before presenting their strategy to the trainers and other participants. The workshop was also an opportunity for the participants from the different parties to discuss and the exchange ideas about how to strengthen the position of youth in Tunisia.

Caption: Debating skills and communicating policy-based messages were just some of the topics covered at a cross-party workshop for youth leaders in Tunisia in early March 2013.

The workshop followed a similar cross-party event with youth in Tunisia in November 2012, which focused on increasing young people’s participation in politics. An outcome identified from that workshop, which 50 young people attended, was the need to reach out to regional youth networks and structures.

Both workshops was held as part of WFD’s three-year programme in Tunisia, from 2012-15, on Supporting multi-party democracy and the National Constituent Assembly in Tunisia. You can read more about the programme, including recent activities, by clicking here.