What we do

Westminster Foundation for Democracy’s goal is to assist the development of inclusive democracies by working with overseas parliaments, political parties and civil society – a role it has played for close to a quarter-century.  Central to WFD’s vision of assisting the emergence of legitimate, representative democracies are effective parliaments and multi-party politics – the twin pillars of responsible governance.  WFD works with countries undergoing a transition to democracy by providing expertise in developing parliaments, political party structures and civil society organisation - the vital institutions of a functioning democracy.  


Parliamentary work
WFD works to strengthen parliamentary capacity at national and sub-national level. It does this through training, sharing expertise on a peer-to-peer basis and building institutional capacity. WFD supports both members of parliament and parliamentary staff. Each programme is tailored to the needs of the specific parliament and may include, for example, strengthening financial oversight, accountability, human rights, communications, induction training, committee work, policy development and legislation. 

You can read more about our specific parliamentary strengthening programmes by clicking here.

Party development work
Political parties are pivotal to a healthy functioning democracy. Without well-functioning parties, governments and legislatures have little chance of representing society in a meaningful way.  WFD draws directly on the expertise of all Westminster’s political parties which work on both a sister-party and cross-party basis to develop local political capacity, accountability and participation. This is a unique feature of WFD’s work. You can read more by clicking here.

EU Election Observation

The Westminster Foundation for Democracy has recently been awarded the Foreign and Commonwealth Office contract for the recruitment and training of British election observers for European Union (EU) Election Observation Missions (EOMs).  Deploying EOMs is a critical component of the EU’s overall efforts to help countries run free and fair elections, a crucial part of the democratic process.  The United Kingdom is an active contributor and last year provided a total of 16 observers for EU EOMs.  You can read more by clicking here.