Election observation

 The Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) is responsible for the recruitment and selection of UK election observers for EU election observation mission’s (EOM). WFD will also recruit and deploy UK observers for select OSCE/ODIHR EOMs. WFD also conducts trainings for both long-term and short-term observers and is planning the next STO training later in 2016.

Deploying EOMs is a critical component of the EU and OSCE/ODIHR’s overall efforts to monitor countries’ electoral processes, in turn a crucial part of the democratic process. The presence of observers can enhance transparency and confidence in the process, as well as prevent conflict by deterring violence and fraud.

WFD will use a fair, transparent and merit-based system of assessment for candidates to ensure that the best possible observers are selected for short-listing to the European Commission and deployment to OSCE/ODIHR. The assessment will examine, among other things, a candidate’s level of prior EOM experience, regional expertise, relevant professional experience, language skills (French and Spanish are particularly encouraged) and whether the candidates have undertaken any relevant training. Candidates will be chosen in line with the OSCE/ODIHR and EU’s stated criteria for international election observers’ selection.

WFD is continuously updating its targeted mailing list and database of active UK election observers who will be notified upon the announcement of EOMs and training opportunities. These opportunities will also be advertised on the WFD website and disseminated via social media (including from WFD’s official Twitter and LinkedIn accounts). WFD invites those interested in joining WFD’s database to contact us at election.observation@wfd.org.

Anyone interested in participating in EU election observation must also register directly with the European Commission. If you have previously registered on the EU website and have an observer ID number, there is no need to re-register. However, we would encourage anyone registered on the site to keep their profile and contact information up to date. Observers are also encouraged to register their interest with the British East West Centre and SOLACE, which also deploy UK observers for OSCE/ODIHR missions.

WFD encourages current and prospective election observers to do online training (eg with OSCE/ODIHRand to visit the EODS website for information on EU training. You can also find out more about EU election observation here.