Where we work

 WFD is supporting major parliamentary strengthening programmes in the following countries:
Africa Liberal Network
Democratic Republic of Congo           
East African Legislative Assembly
Sri Lanka
           Europe and Central Asia
Bosnia & Herzegovina
Georgia - toward greater integration    
Georgia - supporting civil society
Western Balkans – regional programme   
           Middle East & North Africa
Iraq: supporting the Kurdistan regional parliament   
Iraq: supporting the Kurdistan and Baghdad legislatures           
Jordan: parliamentary reform and youth engagement 
Jordan: parliamentary research centre             
Morocco - supporting parliamentary democracy l
Morocco - supporting parliamentary democracy ll          
Tunisia- supporting democratic transition    
Tunisia - supporting parliamentary and multi-party democracy      
MENA-wide: women’s leadership     
MENA-wide: policy development

In addition, the Westminster political parties’ international offices work with like-minded sister-parties in many of these countries (and elsewhere) focusing on capacity-building in the following areas: policy-based platforms; political and ideological identity; structure and capacity to communicate internally; networks and local structures including women and youth; ability to communicate with the electorate.  If you are an MP, former MP, peer or have expertise in parliamentary and political party assistance and would like to get involved please write to  MPs.register@wfd.org