The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan – offers a level of stability in the midst of a volatile region – and is widely praised for its commitment to democracy.

Delivering King Abdullah’s vision is already underway; institutions like the Constitutional Court and independent Election Commission have been established, and amendments have been made to electoral and political party laws. As these changes take root, Westminster Foundation for Democracy stands ready to contribute to their smooth implementation. We believe a stronger Parliament can help strengthen every aspect of Jordanian public life.

We are a trusted partner of the Jordanian Parliament and are grateful for the ongoing support of the Speaker and other senior figures. In our 2012-15 programme cycle we worked to establish a Research Centre, which is now providing MPs with the evidence they need to conduct effective oversight and scrutiny. WFD has also organised pioneering constituency visits for the women’s caucus of parliamentarians; conducted a youth leadership programme which has led to excellent results; and carried out the Parliament’s first ever induction programme for new MPs.


Our 2015-18 programme aligns with King Abdullah’s priorities and we were honoured that he highlighted the importance of the Research Centre in his fifth discussion paper on Jordan’s democratic journey. Now WFD is looking to build on the success of the Research Centre by making it fully independent. Doing so will, we hope, build its accountability role by improving its ability to make decisions informed by evidence. Our work will support women MPs’ use of evidence through research, inquiries and the Parliament’s consultative mechanisms.

In the coming years, Jordan’s position in the Middle East and the wider world is set to only get stronger. Its ‘advanced status’ with the European Union, commitment to free trade and pragmatic approach to regional challenges put it in a powerful position to continue improving people’s lives. WFD helps citizens by promoting effective and inclusive governance. We are committed to supporting the reform process and looks forward to deepening our already strong relationships with the Parliament. His Majesty has called for these changes to “speed up”; Westminster Foundation for Democracy stands ready to help.

Enhanced Support to Democracy Governance in Jordan

On the 24th of May 2017, the programme “EU Support to Jordanian Democratic Institutions and Development (EU-JDID)” has been officially launched at the Amman Hall, Al Hussein Youth City with the presence of HE Andrea Matteo Fontana, Ambassador of the European Union to Jordan and HE Santiago Cabanas Ansorena, Ambassador of Spain to Jordan.

Through the programme “EU Support to Jordanian Democratic Institutions& Development (EU-JDID)”, the EU aims at supporting Jordan in its political reform process towards consolidation of deep democracy and at promoting inclusiveness in policy and decision making processes, with a strong focus on women and youth.

Three components (Parliamentary Support, Electoral Assistance and Support to the Political party System) are implemented by the consortium led by the European Centre for Electoral Support (ECES) and composed of the European Partnership for Democracy (EPD), Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD), Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD) and French Agency for Media Cooperation (CFI). The fourth component of the programme (Support to the Civil Society Organisations) is implemented by the Spanish Cooperation Agency, (AECID).

More information about the programme is available on the EU JDID website.

Photo: Flickr – Chris