Senior Expert
Consultants to conduct an organizational capacity assessment to determine baseline needs for Uganda Women’s Parliamentary Association (UWOPA), and to support the recruitment two project staff.
The expected overall workload is estimated to be 14 working days
Consultancy fee will be agreed

The Project

Through the support of the Democratic Governance Facility (DGF), WFD in partnership with UPFYA (Uganda Parliamentary Forum for Youth Affairs) and UWOPA are implementing an 18 months project on, “Strengthening Women and Youth Participation and Representation in Uganda.” The project aims at creating an enabling environment for women and youth resulting from gender and youth sensitive policies and laws. This will be achieved through increased participation and representation of youth and women in the policy-making process, particularly with the aim of pushing forward pro youth, women and gender-sensitive legislation. The project will do this by contributing to the creation of responsive policy and legal frameworks that support this at the national level and address the needs of women and youth through better coordinated efforts and abilities of women and youth MPs towards a shared policy agenda. The project will work closely with UPFYA and UWOPA to build their capacities and facilitate policy spaces for women and youth MPs at the national level to engage with each other and with their stakeholders, including both state and non-state actors, to influence national policy. The project will strengthen UPFYA and UWOPA platforms for youth and women to network, influence, lead, mentor and promote a culture of engagement for advancing youth and women policy issues. The project will support UPFYA and UWOPA to provide opportunities for youth and women to influence and advance youth-sensitive and gender-sensitive policies and legislation. The project will work with women and youth MPs to enable them to lobby/advocate their work at a higher level/in committees and promote MPs involvement in UWOPA and UPFYA activities to ensure efforts are recognised.

Main Purpose of the Role

UWOPA seek the support of a consultant in conducting an organizational capacity assessment to identify and understand the Association’s capacity assets and needs. This will involve identifying capacity that is already in place to identify opportunities and constraints to achieving UWOPA’s objectives. The consultant will also particularly assess the capacity of UWOPA with the aim of; establishing the contribution UWOPA will bring to the project; evaluating challenges that may affect project implementation and sharing clear recommendations of how best the Association can address hindrances to effective project implementation. The consultant is also required to support UWOPA in developing a capacity building plan based on the findings from this assessment. The capacity building plan should provide a clear pathway to achieving UWOPA’s objectives.

In order to meet the human resource needs under this project the consultant will also be required to support UWOPA in the recruitment of two competent staff for the roles of Policy and Advocacy Officer and Program Accountant.

The successful candidate will have the following skills

  • The consultant must have an advanced degree in any relevant field and a wealth of experience in; organizational capacity development; change management; advocacy and outreach; policy research and evidence-based decision making; professional development; learning and knowledge management; Monitoring and evaluation.
  • The consultant must demonstrate competence and proven track record in successfully conducting similar assignments.
  • The consultant must have a sound understanding of Uganda’s political processes and political background and the challenges of democracy building in the country.
  • The consultant must have a sound understanding of issues of exclusion of underrepresented groups, including youth, women and PWDs.
  • Upon his/ her discretion the consultant may elect a competent team of professionals to work with in executing this assignment.


  • Strong analytical and drafting skills;
  • Excellent writing and oral communication;
  • Leadership skills and ability to work with teams;
  • Knowledge of Uganda’s political and institutional landscape;
  • Availability to work during the indicated /approved period;
  • Fluency in English and knowledge of other local languages will be an asset.

This role is suitable for nationals and international candidates.

Please send your proposal in line with the guidelines in the Terms of reference to Please quote: “UWOPA Organizational Capacity Assessment and Recruitment” and your name in the subject line of your email.

Deadline for the proposals is by 5.30pm October 15th 2018.

Note: Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.