Location: Home-based with travel to the Western Balkans
Contract type: Consultancy opportunity (employment relationship will be considered, if preferable)
Remuneration: Fee-based
Duration: Until 31 March 2019 with possible extension

WFD invites bids from suitably qualified individuals, consortia or companies to provide advisory and support services relating to political economy analysis and adaptive programming. This specialist will support the inception of our new regional good governance initiative in the Western Balkans.

The programme:

WFD has a long history of support and programming across the Western Balkans. We have implemented bilateral and regional programmes across the regions on issues including parliamentary human resources, promotion and protection of human rights, civil society engagement in policy and legislative processes, public financial management and financial oversight, and transparency and openness.

In late 2018, with funding from the UK Government, WFD will launch a new multi-million pounds regional good governance initiative in the six countries of the Western Balkans: Albania, BiH, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia. The programme will employ an adaptive methodology, based on problem-driven iterative adaptation, drawing heavily on findings of political economy analysis (PEA). Initial PEA will be conducted by our programme team during the inception of the programme and be maintained throughout delivery. The programme seeks to provide support across a variety of sectors, including governance institutions, political parties and civil society

The position:

The successful bidder will provide advisory services to support our programme team across the region during the programme’s inception period. The successful bidder will have previous experience of adaptive programming in the governance and democracy support sector as well as knowledge of this complex region. The scope of work will include:

Scope of work:

  • Contributing to the development and refinement our PEA framework and processes
  • Advising and supporting our field teams in operationalising the PEA framework
  • Reviewing PEA findings and draft outcomes
  • Advising on PEA application, designing and refining of interventions responding to PEA findings

The successful offer will have the following:

  • Expertise and knowledge of applied political economy analysis
  • Experience of working on governance and democracy support programme(s) funded by substantial international donors
  • Experience of advising programme teams
  • Knowledge and experience of the Western Balkans region
For more information and deals of the position, please refer to the Terms of Reference.

How to bid:

Bids are invited from suitably qualified individuals, consortia and companies. Bids should clearly outline:

  • How the bidder meets the requirements of the assignment
  • Key personnel and their meeting the Personal Specification requirements
  • CVs of key individuals to be engaged and indication of their availability
  • Contact details
  • References of previous similar assignments
  • A financial offer

Final offers should be submitted to WFD by midnight (London time) on Sunday 21 October 2018. Bids should be clear and concise (max. 10 pages in length excluding annexes) and be submitted to chris.levick@wfd.org.