**Deadline extended to 20 February**


WFD is looking to procure a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) that meets it’s current compliance, information management and reporting needs. The system should be easily modifiable and grown in the future without requiring extensive re-configuration or development. The solution will cover the following main functional areas:

  • Employee record management
  • Absence and leave management
  • Workflow integration and reminders
  • Employee self-service
  • Performance management
  • Employee relations

Information on how to bid for this tender, including full specification and terms and conditions, can be found in the full Invitation to Tender (ITT) document:

CLICK HERE – Invitation to Tender: Human Resources Information System (HRIS)

Whilst this ITT specifically focuses on the HRIS, WFD is running this ITT in parallel with a further 3: Financial Management System, SharePoint Development and CRM system. It is recognised that some vendors may be able to fulfill more than one of these requirements, therefore proposals that cover more than one ITT are also welcomed. Please ensure that the relevant ITT reference number(s) (as shown on page 1 of the ITT document) are clearly referenced in any bid.

Supplier questions and answers will be published at the bottom of this post throughout the bidding phase – please check back regularly for updates. 

Closing date: 17:00 GMT 20 February 2019


Supplier Q&A

Q: What is your annual turnover?

A: Approximately £16M. This is a combination of FCO grant in aid, DFID accountable grant and various other third party funding revenues from other institutions (EU, UN, other UK government, etc)

Q: What HRIS do you currently use?

A: We currently have no operational HR database in place

Q: Do you have an annual budget in mind for your system?

A: We have left this fairly open to see what solutions are presented to us through this procurement exercise. The £20k max implementation budget we have set should incorporate the system purchase, any set up cost and implementation support as well as the required user licenses for the first year. The expectation however is that from year 2 onwards we would see a significant reduction in cost as it would only likely be the licenses and perhaps a small cost for ongoing support needed.

Q:Do you expect to see “optional additional requirements” on the quotation document? Does adding or removing them have advantages or disadvantages?

A: It would be helpful if a cost breakdown of any additional requirements could be provided so we are able to consider the value for money of these (non-essential) requirements.

Q: What type of payroll add-ons are required and how many are there?

A: This requirements relates to the option to ‘add on’ a payroll module to the HR system if WFD decided to bring our payroll inhouse in the future. This is essentially exploring the options for adding this module later down the line if needed.

Q: Tracking applications from Advert to On-boarding : Where do you publish your adverts? Does this web site have an API to provide information related to the advert? Or do you mean to track internal Adverts?

A: WFD advertise in a range of online and print media globally and where we specifically advertise a vacancy will be determined on the nature of the role, where the role is based and the skills and experience we are aiming to attract. All externally posted adverts act as a signpost to the WFD website, where the full details of the role, selection criteria and details of how to apply are available to candidates. Therefore, the procured recruitment management system would ideally need to be compatible with WFD website.  

Q: Organise candidate profiles/applications based on vacancy (reference): What is intended with this entry?

A: This relates to the fields that we would want to record in each candidate profile – standard entries would include: Vacancy reference, name, address, contact information, diversity data, date of application, etc.

Q: Reports on recruitment metrics e.g. time to hire, sourcing profile : We can create reports but how do you plan to measure sourcing profile?

A: We need to be able to produce analysis on recruitment campaigns and therefore will need the functionality to run reports on specific campaigns such as candidate diversity stats and where candidates are viewing our adverts, etc.

Q: Time and Attendance Management: Can you explain this? 

A: WFD have a requirement to record the time worked on different projects for certain project staff. This is to ensure we have the necessary evidence to charge staff time to different projects / funders. This will therefore need to be a self-service style timesheet system. This will also be a helpful tool in providing data for the purpose for workforce/resource planning.

Q: Support onboarding process of new staff : What type of support are you expecting from the system?

A: The option for new staff to directly input the personal information in to the system (via a self service style system) would be hugely advantageous. Beyond that, we would just require a system that can record all of the necessary new starter information and set reminders for key missing information, or alerts for key dates (e.g. end of probation).

Q: Learning and Development: Who will enter this information?

A: We are open to either HR inputting this information or a self-service system allowing staff or line managers to update their own staff record. We would like a system where line managers can upload training ‘needs’ as identified (e.g. through our performance management process, or other ad hoc training needs that arise) and HR can review these needs. We could then have an option for either the staff or HR to update the L&D records once training has been completed.