Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) is an independent democracy support organisation established in 1992, working in partnership with political parties, parliaments and civil society organisations around the world to create more inclusive, accountable and transparent democratic systems.

This project is in support of work that has been conducted by the Gender and Development Network’s (GADN) Women’s Participation and Leadership (WPL) working group. WFD is a member of GADN and the WPL working group. The WPL working group has conducted a series of ten learning events focused on methodologies, approaches to programming and other initiatives that are effective in supporting women’s participation and leadership in politics and public life.

To support the delivery of this project, WFD would like to commission a consultant with extensive experience related to data analysis and/or gender analysis, ideally working with political contexts.

The consultant will review all the data from the learning series; produce an overview of the content and identify key learning points and dominant trends cross the different events; and, provide recommendations of the best format for the information going forward to further expand learning on this topic and to advance more effective support for women’s participation and leadership.

Time Commitment and Work Location

The expert commissioned for this project is expected to provide services for up to 10 days in March 2019. The expert is requested to work in consultation with the co-chairs of the WPL working group. Working remotely travel to WFD’S office in London is not required.

 Submissions should include:

  • CV(s) of proposed consultant(s)
  • Description of the proposed methodology or approach to creating learning materials around the four themes
  • Proposed activity plan, clearly linking consultancy days and other costs to activities
  • Two examples of previous similar work
  • Projected costs or budget, including fees and any anticipated expenses

For more information on the position and how to apply please refer to the Terms of Reference.

Bids should be submitted by Friday, 8th March 2019 by 17:00 GMT. Successful applicants will be contacted w/c 11th March for further discussion and possibly an online interview.

For more information or to submit a proposal for this project, please contact Shannon O’Connell, Senior Advisor for Gender, Inclusion and Politics, Shannon.OConnell@wfd.org. No phone calls please