Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) is seeking to engage Experts to carry out assessments of the parliamentary human rights committee in Montenegro. Experts must have previous experience in the work of parliamentary committees in the Western Balkans, especially on human rights.

The Opportunity

WFD is currently implementing a 32-month programme in the Western Balkans funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the aim of creating a parliamentary network of committees on human rights and gender in the Western Balkans. WFDs regional project office in Belgrade will work with parliaments and parliamentary committees on human rights and gender from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Serbia to implement this project and set up the parliamentary network with the aim to improve and increase parliamentary scrutiny of human rights and gender based legislation in the Western Balkans.

In order to better understand the work of the committees on human rights and gender and the potential implications for our work and the work of parliaments and parliamentary committees in the Western Balkans, WFD is commissioning two separate assessments/research studies.

  1. Assessment of the work of the Committee on Human Rights in the Parliament of Montenegro. The objective of the assessment is to determine the current state of the Montenegrin Parliament and the relevant committees in terms of its capacity, ability, effectiveness and responsiveness to review legislation for compatibility with human rights, gender and the rule of law.

The selected consultant/s or organisation should interview key stakeholders, as well as drawing on their own knowledge and experience with parliament, to complete a standardised questionnaire. The comments section of each question in the assessment enables the assessor to highlight pertinent details and recommend areas for improvement.

In addition to the completed questionnaire, the consultant/organisation will be expected to prepare a short analytical report discussing the key findings from the questionnaire and noting the principal recommendations to the parliament. These recommendations should be shared with the parliament.

  1. Preparing a Western Balkans study for Albania, BiH, Serbia, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Montenegro, drawing upon on previous similar assessments conducted by WFD in the past two years. If relevant the regional study should refresh and add findings to previous assessments.

For more information about the programme and key deliverables please refer to the Terms of Reference

Submission of proposals

Candidates are required to send their CVs and outline of methodology via email to Emil Atanasovski: emil.atanasovski@wfd.org by the closing date 16th May 2019, 23.59 (GMT).