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Invitation to tender: Travel Management Company

November 08th, 2019

WFD is looking to procure the services of a Corporate Travel Management company with an online booking system to assist WFD staff with all of their travel and accommodation requirements, both domestic and international.  

Due to the nature of the work WFD carries out more than 50% of our staff travel on a regular basis both locally in the UK and overseas to a diverse range of countries and the organisation spent just over one million pounds on travel last financial year. For the logistical arrangements of these business trips, WFD needs the services of a provider that can facilitate both an individual’s travel arrangements and group trips. The successful bidder will provide the following services: visas; travel; transfers and hotel bookings with no guaranteed minimum annual expenditure on travel and accommodation. This will need to be reflected in a flexible cost and billing structure.  

In particular, WFD is looking for a provider that has an effective online booking tool that conforms with our Travel Policy and Authorisation requirements, to enable staff to book their own travel if they wish to. Additionally, we require dedicated agents on hand to help with any queries or to book travel for staff who prefer to book through this method.  

The closing date for the invitation to tender will be 5pm on the 04 December 2019. Bids submitted after this will not be considered. WFD intends to issue a contract for the above goods/services, to be completed to WFD’s satisfaction, by the end of January 2020.  

All bids should be in a format that complies with the requirements of the invitation to tender (ITT) which can be downloaded on this page.

Download the Invitation to Tender

Supplier Q&A

Yes, the online booking tool is essential to the process. Being able to book travel through an online booking tool is something that, as an organisation we would like to move to.

Unfortunately, we are looking for a company that can cater for all parts of the travel process (flights, visas etc.) , not just longer term accommodation. 

For security reasons, we are unable to provide specific destinations and breakdowns. However, the countries in which we operate that are listed on our website are those we travel to most frequently. 

There is no word count because we would like you to give us all the necessary details, but if this could be done in a succinct way it would be appreciated.

At this stage of the process, we require organisations to submit their bids to us, and if they are successful then we would invite you to interview. If you have any queries at this point, we would be happy to answer them over email or alternatively, you can find Q&As relating to the process here on our website. 



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