Youth can kick COVID-19 out of East Africa: An online roundtable

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Youth can kick COVID-19 out of East Africa: An online roundtable

May 29th, 2020

How have young people in East Africa been affected by the pandemic?

What can government, development partners and non-state actors do to support a stronger youth bounce back after the pandemic?

Spotlighting evidence from a regional study on disruptions of COVID-19 to youth life and discussion on what government, development partners and non-state actors can do to support a stronger youth bounce back after the pandemic.

Thursday 28 May 2020
11.30am East Africa Time
9.30am British Summer Time
Online Zoom Webinar


  • Canary Mugume – Investigative journalist in Uganda
  • Joy Biira – Media personality in Uganda


  • PLO Lumumba – Kenyan lawyer and inspirational speaker
  • Mr Mondo Kyateka – the Commissioner Youth in Uganda

In partnership with:

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