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Consultant – Serbia, Mapping of Serbian Diaspora

July 06th, 2020

Contract length: July 16, 2020 – January 31, 2021

Contract type: Service Contract 

Mapping of Serbian Diaspora

1. Introduction

Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) is a non-departmental public body sponsored by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). With over 25 years’ experience of supporting democracy around the world, WFD’s strategic plan elaborates our expertise and approach to supporting political parties, parliaments, civil society and electoral processes.

WFD is currently implementing a three-year CSSF funded programme in the Western Balkans titled Western Balkans Democracy Initiative WFD field offices and staff in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Serbia are implementing a regional programme aimed to:

  • Encourage political parties to be more policy-focused and orientated towards voters’ needs and desires;
  • Develop more effective parliamentary practice which leads to better quality legislation, closer scrutiny of the executive and a greater focus on service delivery in line with voters’ interests; 
  • Enhance democratic culture with greater interaction between state and non-state actors on challenges effecting citizen’s lives. 

In Serbia, but also in the Western Balkans region, emigration trends are undoubtedly worrying and public discourse on youth emigration is often oversimplified. Youth emigration is one of the most urgent issues to be tackled  in the coming period. Some of the world’s fastest shrinking and ageing countries are in South-East Europe. According to UNFPA, nine of the world’s ten fastest-shrinking countries are in Eastern Europe and governments are concerned about negative consequences for the economy, social systems and society in general.

WFD’s programme in Serbia has made significant efforts to engage various state and non-state actors in tackling the issue of youth emigration. We have supported in-depth research on the topic “Cost of Youth Emigration” and research on systematic overview of all existing governmental initiatives, bodies, agencies, and other instances which deal with this issue. 

WFD coordinated and supported meetings of “The Agents for Change – Network”, which gathers representatives of government, academia, business, civil society, Serbian diaspora, the international community – agreed to act in four directions: research, policy, outreach and activity.

Given the importance of the issue, WFD plans to further engage in the process of mapping the Serbian Diaspora and to contribute to establishing of a future database of Serbian Diaspora. In line with WFD’s previous policy development work on Youth Emigration, WFD is launching this call for a pilot activity Mapping of Serbian Diaspora. The objective of the pilot mapping is to work on the problem that institutions in Serbia do not have data on the volume and the characteristics of emigration.


2. Objectives

In order to tackle the problem that there is no organisation in the country or abroad with  precise records on migration from Serbia, WFD is supporting a pilot activity on Mapping the Serbian Diaspora with the aim to start the establishment of a database with precise records on Serbian Diaspora.

The consultant/shall:

  1. Develop and design a test methodology and conduct pilot mapping of Serbian Diaspora;
  2. Analyze the basic characteristics of Serbian Diaspora in accordance to proposed parameters from the methodology.

Output 1: Development of the mapping methodology;

Output 2: Preparation of a pilot database with survey results;

Output 3: Preparation of final outputs (such as Power Point, Designs, and graphics with key conclusions from the report, Recommendations, Presentation of the report to stakeholders).


3. Key aspects relevant to the ToR

The consultants should implement the concrete measure presented in their proposal. The measure can focus on a macro-level (countries where citizens of the Republic of Serbia live) in order to map the Serbian diaspora.

The consultant/s, think-tanks, CSOs, faculties, institutes, etc. are additionally encouraged to strengthen the bonds with the diaspora through new technologies and communication channels as part of their task.


Short description: There is no organisation in the country or abroad that has precise records on migration from Serbia and the age and education structure of migrants cannot be determined. The Republic Bureau of Statistics does not have data on the volume and characteristics of external migration. Serbia is facing an aging population and a decreasing population trend. The cause of this trend is the joint influence of a negative natural increase and an intensified emigration flow. For a long period, Serbia has been facing serious demographic issues. Recognising depopulation trends forced the state to be more active in tackling the problem, which resulted in the first concrete stimulations to encourage a rise in the birth rate to counteract the declining birth rate. On the other hand, the negative migration balance is becoming more current and is contributing more and more to the deterioration of the total demographic image of Serbia. It is becoming clear that the global issue of migration for developing countries has no universal solution. It requires a complex set of measures that reflect the specifics of each individual country combining a series of socio-economic policies in order to be more effective in tacking these issues.


4. Timeline

Deadlines listed in the table below assume contracting is completed by July 15th, 2020. Work on the project should commence on July 16th, 2020. If contracting with the consultant/s is concluded after this date, the deadlines will be adjusted accordingly but the final output still needs to be delivered and presented at the latest by January 31st, 2021.




Development of the methodology

Development of the methodology, the sample preparation, and an in-depth interview questionnaire with the main user of mapping;

July 30th, 2020 and the Report sent to

Preparation of database with survey results

Distribution of questionnaire and monitoring of the whole process;

December 15th, 2020 and the

Report sent to

Preparation of final outputs

Data analysis, reporting to the main user of mapping and preparation of the final report.

January 31st, 2021 and the Report sent to




5. Key Deliverables

  • The consultants are expected to develop the methodology;
  • The consultants are expected to deliver the database with survey results;
  • The consultants are expected to prepare an analysis with final questionnaire results.


6. Budget

  • The budget for implementing policy measure is max. 15,000 GBP (inclusive of all taxes)
  • In addition, all costs related to meetings organized by WFD (travel expenses, accommodation, and meal allowance) will be provided separately and paid by WFD.


7. Eligibility

  • Eligible consultants for this call are all interested individuals and organizations from Serbia (think-tanks, CSOs, faculties, institutes, etc) with relevant experience in youth emigrations, implementing policy youth and immigration measures and have a track record on emigration matters, economic and migrations research and policy development in Serbia. Similar work in the Western Balkans region will be evaluated positively in the proposal.  


8. Application details

Interested consultants applying for this call should provide:

  1. One-page CV – with listed relevant experience
  2. Two-pager – with an outline proposal of the pilot activity of Mapping of Serbian Diaspora.

Please note that submitted documents must include the following information:

  • Contact details
  • At least 2 relevant references from previously implemented (similar) service
  • A brief note on what is the proposed methodology, the volume of data and evidence the consultants propose to collect and how the data from the survey will be presented
  • List and detailed timetable of key activities
  • Budget proposal (Activity Based Budget)


All documents should be sent to the WFD Serbia office at at the latest by July 10th, 2020 (CoB).

For additional questions, please contact Bojana Miković, WFD Programme Manager at by July 9th, 2020.

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