23 July 2020: Gender-Sensitive Post-Legislative Scrutiny with PLS and gender experts

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23 July 2020: Gender-Sensitive Post-Legislative Scrutiny with PLS and gender experts

July 09th, 2020

Legislation intervenes in the life of all but does not impact everyone in the same way. Women, men, and non-binary people, the young and the old, persons with and without disabilities, people of distinct race and ethnic origin are all affected differently, because of their different needs and situations and because of existing structural inequalities in society.

Gender-sensitive post-legislative scrutiny adds a gender perspective to inquiries into whether legislation has produced (positive or negative, unintended or unexpected) impacts on gender results and outcomes. This approach to scrutiny is essential to ensuring that legislation at the very least does not harm and, at its very best, delivers better lifetime opportunities for those facing structural disadvantage.

However, gender-sensitive post-legislative scrutiny is not yet frequently practiced by parliaments. This discussion is part of a broader project to work with practitioners to bring in practices that can better understand the impact of legislation from a gender perspective.

Thursday 23 July
10:00 a.m. UK time
Online event – Register to attend


  • Dr Maria Mousmouti, Lecturer in Law, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London
  • Dr Tom Caygill, Lecturer in Politics, Newcastle University
  • Dr Sonia Palmieri, Policy Fellow (Gender), Australian National University
  • Sheila Quinn, Gender Expert

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