23 July 2020: Politics with Values: Appraisal of party primaries in Edo and Ondo states

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23 July 2020: Politics with Values: Appraisal of party primaries in Edo and Ondo states

July 21st, 2020

To entrench efficient democratic processes, it is necessary to appraise political efforts, processes, and institutions.  The consequences of bad political processes in choosing candidates at political party level could be so enormous that they could endanger the integrity of an entire political process in a nation.

Therefore, this discussion is aimed at creating a correlation between a practice of politics with values and the Nigerian situation today as it concerns political parties. The key question to ask is what democratic values have been demonstrated by political parties in Nigeria using the Edo and Ondo state political parties’ primaries as a case study?  The conversation will go further by analysing the role of stakeholders in entrenching these democratic values within the political landscape in Nigeria.

Thursday 23 July
13:00 West Africa Standard Time
Online event – Register to attend


  • Dr. Yunusa Tanko, Former IPAC Chairman
  • Dr. Joseph Ochogwu, Associate Research Professor and lecturer on governance, peace, conflict and democratisation
  • Barr. Titilope T. Anifowoshe, Legal Research and Policy Assistant to Honourable Minister of State for Transportation. CEO, Eagles Foundation for Humanity
  • Abiodun Essiet, Special Adviser to the Honourable Chairman of Abuja Municipal Area Council on ICT /civil societies and donor agencies

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