National e-conference for women political candidates in Uganda

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29 to 30 July 2020, 10am-1pm EAT

National e-conference for women political candidates in Uganda

Promoting women’s political leadership is central to WFD’s work. Having women in positions of leadership results in better outcomes for women and girls and society as a whole. It delivers progress in policy areas vital for economic growth and development, such as health, education and infrastructure. Even without these quantifiable dividends, the argument for women’s empowerment is irrefutable. Democracy in Uganda cannot be said to exist if half of the population is not wholly engaged equally in decision-making.

As such, WFD Uganda seeks to facilitate platforms which can increase the number and influence of women in political office in Uganda. WFD’s focus on initiatives that can contribute towards achieving this is being undertaken whilst knowing the influence of patriarchal thought has limiting opportunities for women in Uganda, especially in the political sphere where they continue to be considered subordinate and unsuitable for positions of leadership.

WFD in partnership with UNWOMEN, ACFODE and Sweden Sverige will host a two-day national women’s E-conference for aspiring women candidates running for Member of Parliament and Local Council Five (LCV) seats in Uganda. The conference seeks to  equip aspiring women leaders from across the country to competently compete in the upcoming general elections.


  • Zoe Oliver-Watts,  WFD Africa Regional Director
  • Dr. Maxime Houinato, UNWOMEN Country Representative, Uganda
  • H.E. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Former President of Liberia
  • Shannon O’Connell, WFD Gender and Politics Expert
  • Phiona Nabasa Wall, Vice President Uganda Law Society
  • Hon Alice Alaso, Former Member of Parliament
  • Seyi Akiwowo, Women’s rights activist and founder of Glitch
  • Lillianne Babirye, Executive Director Network for Women in Politics






  • Who:
    WFD Uganda
  • When:
    29 to 30 July 2020, 10am-1pm EAT
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