Gender expert to support business continuity management in Georgia’s parliament

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Gender expert to support business continuity management in Georgia’s parliament

August 03rd, 2020

Terms of Reference

Westminster Foundation for Democracy is seeking an expert in gender equality, gender analysis and/or gender-sensitive parliamentary practices to support the implementation of the Business Continuity Management component of the programme ‘Strengthening the System of Parliamentary Democracy in Georgia’.

About WFD

Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) is an independent organisation sponsored by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth (FCO) and Department for International Development (DFID). WFD specialises in parliamentary strengthening and political party development, while also supporting electoral processes and civil society strengthening. It does this by assisting in the development of parliaments, political parties and civil society organisations. It is uniquely placed to draw directly on the expertise of the Westminster political parties, members of parliament (MPs) and devolved assemblies, and British civil society and technical experts in all its work.


Business Continuity Management (BCM) is a new component of the programme added in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Globally, the COVID crisis revealed that many public institutions did not have sufficient measures in place to protect them from disruptions to their critical business function in emergency situations. Like many legislatures, this turned out to be the case for the Parliament in Georgia where daily affairs and normal processes were suddenly interrupted without contingency plans in place. In order to support the Parliament in Georgia to be a more resilient organisation in the future, WFD, with support from the Legislative Assemblies Business Continuity Network, including the Scottish Parliament, will support the Georgian parliament to design, build and create its own BCM process.

WFD will work with relevant parliamentary stakeholders to create greater BCM structures and capabilities across the organisation and integrate these into the overall management of the parliament. By developing BCM plans and infrastructure, the parliament will be able to continue to deliver critical services in a coherent manner in future emergency or crisis situations, which could include not only pandemics but cyberattacks, occupation of the parliamentary estate and/or military conflict.

WFD’s support will include a number of activities, including remote sessions on BCM, conducting business impact analysis, supporting the development of business continuity plans, testing and trailing, and embedding the BCM lifecycle in the operations of the parliament.

This holistic re-examination of the ways in which the Parliament of Georgia conducts business also creates an opportunity to re-assess current practices around gender equality and inclusion and plan for more deliberate and rigorous integration of gender-sensitive approaches in the parliament’s strategies for the immediate and longer term. More inclusive approaches are linked to higher levels of stability, and therefore are essential to any BCM process.

Main Purpose of the Role

  • You will work as part of a small team of experts to ensure that gender equality and inclusion principles are embedded into the implementation of the BCM component of this programme.
  • You will share your experience, knowledge and evidence of effective practice related to ensuring parliaments operate in inclusive and gender responsive ways.
  • You will provide guidance and advice to parliamentary stakeholders in Georgia in introducing and embedding gender responsive and inclusive BCM processes that would be most effective within the context and culture of the parliament of Georgia.
  • You will provide short and long-term recommendations to the BCM working group and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Drawing on this experience, you will also develop a learning brief for WFD that could guide our future programming on gender-sensitive parliamentary practices and share lessons learnt during an internal learning session.

The expert location and work location

The expert commissioned for this role is expected to provide services up to 8 days between July 2020 and February 2021. The expert is expected to work closely with WFD’s gender advisor and the programme team during the programme implementation.

All services and activities will be delivered remotely and no travel or in-person meetings are envisaged.

Profile of eligible expert

The expert commissioned for this role will have at least 5 years of practical experience in mainstreaming gender equality and inclusion in the policies and operation of parliaments and/or governments. S/he will have demonstrated experience of working with high level stakeholders in remote settings. Ideally, the candidate would be familiar with the business continuity management and previously involved in implementing similar programmes.

Submissions should include

  • CV
  • Examples of similar roles with information of results achieved

Deadline: 3 September 2020

Please submit your application by email to Magdalena Randall-Schab.

You can also download these terms of reference.

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