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Translation, facilitation and documentation services – Myanmar

August 24th, 2020

WFD works with partners to strengthen parliament’s capacity to hold the executive to account, develop quality legislation, and to operate in an inclusive and evidence-based manner. To achieve these goals, WFD delivers a range of programmes, incorporating collaboration and learning activities, provision of technical advice and research.

WFD intends to procure a multi-provider framework agreement to provide activity or event-related professional services, such as translation, interpretation, notetaking, facilitation/moderation, documentation and event support. Successful bidders will be invited to join a WFD Myanmar Event Services Partner Panel consisting of one or more suppliers for a period of one year.

Each selected partner will be subject to a framework agreement, which will establish the common core terms and conditions governing any order contracts to be awarded over a one-year period, together with agreed pricing, services, and specifications. A framework agreement does not guarantee the award of any business to a panel member, but it does establish a preferred and available pool of Event Services Partners for WFD to contract with, if and when WFD decides that it wishes to procure services that are within the scope of the panel and framework agreement. Order contracts, supported by a specific terms of reference, may take place as and when requried within the duration of the framework and may be issued to a partner on a single source basis or following a mini competition among panel members, as appropriate.

The envisaged services to be purchased from the Event Services Partners include:

LOT 1: Provision of translation and interpretation

LOT 2: Provision of facilitation/moderation and rapporteur services

LOT 3: Provision of event support services

LOT 4: Provision of documentation services such as photos, videos, illustrations

The Services to be delivered by the Supplier will be funded by UK aid through its Strengthening Governance and Accountability in Myanmar – Phase II for which WFD is the lead implementer and managing agent. 

The closing date for this invitation to tender will be 24th September 2020. WFD intends to issue one or more framework agreement for the above services, to be completed to WFD’s satisfaction by  the supplier for upcoming needs for translation, interpretation, facilitation/moderation, documentation, rapporteur and event support services for all the Myanmar programme activities.

Read the full invitation to tender

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