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17 October 2020

Education and Development of Young People in Nigeria

The webinar which will be aired on TV is focused on the Education and Development of Young People in Nigeria. Education is the bedrock of development and no society will develop more than its educated population. If Nigerian youths have access to quality and affordable education, it will reduce so many menaces in Nigeria like cultism, terrorism, kidnapping and thuggery as found in many parts of Nigeria today. Therefore, this webinar will discuss issues around budget allocation and service delivery for the educational sector, school curriculum development and more importantly legislative interventions on education. Specifically, this webinar will address:

  • Assessing the progress of the educational sector 20 years after the return of democracy;
  • Legislative intervention around education in the 9th Assembly;
  • Accessible school infrastructure and technology for inclusive education;
  • Opportunities around mainstreaming e-learning in Nigeria;
  • Possible intervention to reduce the numbers of out-of-school children;
  • Recommendations for reducing education tourism in Nigeria.


  • Miriam Onuoha,¬†Member, House of Representatives / Young Parliamentarians Forum (YPF)
  • Joy Aderele,¬†Programme Director, ENGINE II Mercy Corps
  • Dr Omale Adoyi,¬†Lecturer, Baze University


  • Who:
    WFD Nigeria
  • When:
    17 October 2020
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