Inclusive and Participatory Approaches to Constitution Building in Sudan: The Role of Women

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1 - 3pm (GMT), 16 December 2020

Inclusive and Participatory Approaches to Constitution Building in Sudan: The Role of Women

Westminster Foundation for Democracy would like to invite you to a webinar on 16th December 2020 to discuss inclusive and participatory approaches to constitution building with a specific focus on the role of women within constitutional processes. The event will focus on the Sudanese transitional process, with a central discussion addressing the inclusion and representation of women in the building of a new constitution.

Following the ousting of the government of President Omar al-Bashir in April 2019 was the formation of a Constitutional Charter for the Transitional Period, Sudan’s 39-month roadmap to a civilian-led government.  The major provision of this Charter is the drafting of a permanent constitution for Sudan which will require the participation of several key actors in a process that meets international best practices. Research has shown that when women are engaged in peace and constitutional processes, outcomes on the nature of the political system are more durable and long-lasting. A full commitment to democracy must include the equal participation of women in all aspects of public life, including being enshrined within the constitution. 

While there is much to celebrate when looking back on the role of women during the uprising in Sudan, the journey towards full women’s political participation must remain a priority throughout the transitional period and beyond. What must succeed progress made thus far is the sustained representation and inclusion of women, particularly through the mainstreaming of gender in key transitional processes, a key facet of this being the building of a new constitution for Sudan. 

By convening a panel of constitutional and gender experts, WFD will facilitate an exploration of gender mainstreaming in official constitutional processes, and the applicability of varied experiences from across the world to the Sudanese context. 

This event will be facilitated by WFD’s Regional Director for MENA, Dr Dina Melhem and panellists will speak to their expertise in constitution making processes drawing on a range of international, regional and national experiences.  Join us for what will be an engaging event as we explore  opportunities for incorporating and prioritizing gender as part of Sudan’s transitional process and beyond.

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Moderator: Dr Dina Melhem, Regional Director MENA, Westminster Foundation for Democracy

Opening remarks: Lena el-Sheikh, Minister of Labour and Social Development, Sudan


Dr Silvia Suteu, Constitutional Law and Gender Expert

Terence Hoverter, Constitutional Design Expert

Judge Sihem Bouagila, Member of the High Council for the Judiciary, Tunisia and Gender and Constitutional Expert

Dr Ahmed Abusin, Development Consultant and member of Member of the Sundanese Civic Forces Alliance 

Samia Al- Hashmi, Sudanese Lawyer and founder and chairperson of Mutawinat, an organization that uses law as a strategic tool for positive change for woman in Sudan


The event will include translation into both English and Arabic.



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    1 - 3pm (GMT), 16 December 2020
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