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Consultancy to Support the Political Organisations in Serbia

February 19th, 2021


Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) is a non-departmental public body sponsored by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). WFD is currently implementing a three-year CSSF funded programme in the Western Balkans titled Western Balkans Democracy Initiative

Building on previous work in Serbia with political parties and organizations, WFD intends to expand its work into different aspects of political engagement focusing on organisation, policymaking and capacity building. In order to design its future engagement and support for political parties and organisations in Serbia, WFD conducted a post-election Mapping and Assessment of the Political Parties and Organizations in the second half of 2020. 8 major political organizations, both from the ruling coalition and the opposition, participated in this endeavor, which was one of the most comprehensive contemporary efforts to assess the political actors in Serbia and party environment.

The polarized political spectrum and instability in the country has further exacerbated Serbia’s fragile democracy and created negative and hostile social environment that stretches beyond politics. After a year-long opposition and civic protests, the COVID-19 pandemic shook the country’s health and economic system and also created new challenges for its democratic processes. The parliamentary elections which took place on June 21st 2020 elections created a new political environment. Several opposition parties and alliances boycotted the parliamentary and local elections, while some opposition parties and political organizations participated in the elections but didn’t pass the required 3% threshold to enter parliament and local councils. The biggest political party in Serbia now holds a 2/3 majority in parliament.  There are numerous challenges for political parties in Serbia and changes in the political scene are visible, some parties are merging, some are disappearing, some will inevitably shift their courses of action.

WFD assessment provided new insights in the post-election Covid-19 political environment of Serbia, and enabled WFD to start working on a tailor-made political party programme for relevant political organizations. Before WFD engages with selected partners, it needs to design a Strategy for the Support of Political Organizations in Serbia.

Based on the assessment, WFD adopted the Strategy for the Support of Political Organizations in Serbia, which focused on the specific outcomes of the future WFD’s engagement. WFD will engage external consultants to support the implementation of this intervention. Phase 1 will focus on the establishment of cooperation and creating of the working plans.


2. Objectives

In order to work on the implementation of the Strategy for the support of political organizations in Serbia, WFD is inviting eligible applicants to submit proposals for the delivery of this service.

The aim of this engagement is to support the implementation of the Strategy by liaising with selected partners and helping their development. The service provided should do the following:

  1. Go through WFD’s Mapping and Assessment of the Political Parties and Organizations report and extract most important insights.
  2. Establish a working cooperation with the party liaisons.
  3. Work with the party liaisons to create a working plan (for each of the partners) which will outline to specific outcomes and outputs of the engagement (e.g. review of the party programmes in accordance with the outcome, etc.).
  4. Produce a report for WFD on the process results and lessons learned of the Phase 1.


3. Timelines

Deadlines listed in the table below assume that Phase 1 should be completed by March 25, 2021.





Establishment of a working cooperation with the party liaisons.

WFD partners will, upon the confirmation of the participation, nominate the liaison(s) which will work with the consultant(s) in this phase. The consultant(s) need to meet them and define the work dynamics.

By March 05th, 2021


Working plans for each of the partners

Working plans will be jointly adopted by the WFD consultant(s) and party liaisons and will define specific outcomes and outputs.  

By March 25th. 2021 sent to

Report on the process results and lessons learned

Consultant(s) will produce a report for WFD which will be used as a baseline for Phase 2.

By March 31st, 2021 sent to



4. Key Deliverables

  • Establishment of a working cooperation with the party liaisons.
  • Working plans for each of the partners
  • Report on the process results and lessons learned


5. Budget


  • The budget for conducting this research is between 4000 and 4500 GBP (inclusive of taxes)


6. Application details


Applicants/organisations should have a relevant expertise on political system in Serbia and have relevant knowledge on political party organising in Serbia.

Applicants who have active membership in any political party/organisation at the moment of conducting this assessment are advised to disclose it in their application.

Applicants can be members of Academia/University, CSOs, political think-tanks, research institutes.

Applicants/organisations must be able to communicate with all relevant political parties/organisations, both with representatives of ruling party/coalition and with opposition parties, civic movements etc. 

Interested applicants / organisations should express their interest for this proposal by providing the following:

  • CV of the applicant (including: Applicants’ background, previous relevant experience and references to political party expertise);
  • An offer in GBP

An email with your expression of interest and relevant documents should be sent to the WFD Serbia at and by February 25th, 2021.

Only applicants who will be able to complete the research within the proposed timeline will be considered for this assignment.

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