Request for quotation – Consultants for debate and argumentation in North Macedonia (deadline extended)

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Request for quotation – Consultants for debate and argumentation in North Macedonia (deadline extended)

May 14th, 2021

WFD is seeking consultants that will develop, conduct, and support a training programme on policy debate, argumentation, and dialogue for representatives of political party youth branches in North Macedonia, working as a pool of trainers.


Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) is the UK public body dedicated to supporting democracy around the world. WFD partners with UK political parties, parliaments, electoral and financial audit institutions to help over 30 developing countries make their governments fairer, more effective and accountable.

WFD is issuing this Request for Quotation (RFQ) to a range of potential suppliers of goods and/or services and would welcome a proposal/quote from you/your organisation.
WFD in North Macedonia is implementing the “Western Balkans Democracy Initiative”, supporting the political participation of young people, through work with MPs, political party youth branches, schools, and civil society. The project “Fostering Political Dialogue through Policy Debate” is implemented in the scope of this programme and will support representatives of political party youth branches in preparing for, participating in, and organising policy debates.


For the purposes of the project “Fostering Political Dialogue through Policy Debate” WFD is publishing a RFQ for consultants that will prepare and deliver a training and mentorship programme on policy debate, working jointly as a pool of trainers. The consultants will be responsible for designing a training programme for a series of trainings for representatives from political party youth branches which will deliver training workshops, providing mentoring of participants in creating debate events and supporting the project team in developing the programme.

The programme will consist of three workshops for around 20 participants, follow up debates organised by political party youth branches and one final public event. All activities will be organised with consideration of COVID-19 protection measures and may be organised digitally or in a hybrid form, depending on public health measures.

Тhe objectives of the project are:

  1. To empower political party youth branch representatives to practice argument-based expression and to engage in constructive debate.
  2. To support political party youth branches to facilitate internal debate and discussion within their membership and in the public discourse.


WFD expects the selected consultant to:

  • participate in the development of a training programme for the three training modules based on WFD’s guidelines,
  • participate on the three trainings for political parties’ branches and to conduct a segment of the sessions on the trainings,
  • participate in developing debate motions for preparatory or competitive debates and to provide judging and feedback to debates during the three trainings and small tournament,
  • support the organising of one of the training events in cooperation with WFD staff,
  • support the WFD staff in identifying and contacting additional expert trainers,
  • support 3 political party youth branches in designing and conducting their own debate consultation events,
  • participate in the development of evaluation and feedback collection tools for the trainings,
  • coordinate with WFD and project staff on the activities,
  • submit a final report to the project team.

Click on the link to learn more about the request for quotation.

All proposals or quotes should be submitted in writing and include:

  • The supplier’s name, status, address, and for legal entities their company number,
  • An overview of the relevant experience, expertise, capability, and capacity (CV from the consultant, containing information on previously held trainings, publications, events, tournaments or other relevant experiences in the area of political debate and argumentation)
  • A description of the good(s) or service(s) to be provided and clear explanation as to how this meets the specification in this RFQ (A proposed concept for content of the trainings no longer than 400 words
  • A transparent quotation of the charge for the good(s) or service(s), in sterling, to include: a clear breakdown of all costs; any proposed discount applied for WFD as a not-for-profit organisation; and a separate identification of any VAT charges (and/or any other applicable tax, excise or other charges). The total amount of the proposal/ quote cannot exceed £1,300. (proposed rate for the entire engagement)

The proposal or quote should include the RFQ Reference Number and be sent electronically and addressed to: Dona Kosturanova, Programme Manager at  

The same email address should be used for any questions related to this RFQ.

All proposals or quotes must be received by 6 June, 2020, 23.59h CET (extended deadline)

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