Women in political programmes during the 2021 parliamentary elections in Albania

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Women in political programmes during the 2021 parliamentary elections in Albania

May 21st, 2021

The programmes of political parties are of utmost importance, especially in the pre-election period. For this reason, identifying and addressing issues that improve the citizens’ quality of life, with emphasis on the disadvantaged social groups, ought to be an important part of an electoral force’s political offer.

To better understand the challenges of political parties in Albania for ensuring equal gender participation and representation at all levels, WFD Albania partnered with the Albanian Women’s Empowerment Network (AWEN) to monitor these elections. The main purpose of the monitoring activity was to assess whether the political programmes of the main parties had in focus the empowerment and inclusion of women and girls in all sectors political parties aim to develop during their leadership.

• To what extent are the issues of gender equality addressed in the main parties’ political programmes?

• Why is it important to introduce gender mainstreaming in political programmes?

• What are the political parties’ approaches and strategies of gender mainstreaming for the next four years?

WFD Albania prepared a report to answer these and other questions, as well as to present data on gender equality and representation in the 2021 parliamentary elections. Read the full version of the report in Albanian or the summary in English.

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