WFD Albania seeks services from a CSO advocating in the health field – Request for quotation

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WFD Albania seeks services from a CSO advocating in the health field – Request for quotation

August 25th, 2021


The Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) in Albania is implementing an initiative package called “Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) Participation in Decision – Making.” The main aim of this initiative is to increase the interaction between the CSOs and decision-makers and partner with the civil society organisations by assisting them to challenge and influence policy agenda setting and policy formulation at national level in health and environment sectors.


WFD is looking for a civil society organisation (CSO) advocating in the health sector, to scrutinise and monitor the implementation of the state health budget for second part of 2021. Furthermore, this organisation would interact with the Parliamentary Committee of Labour, Social Protection and Health, advocate with the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, interact with at least one independent institution, and partner with media to better promulgate and communicate the results of the monitoring reports.

The prospective CSO is expected to:

1. Be specialised in health and health advocacy;

2. Have the necessary capacities and knowledge to carry out the requirements of the assignment;

3. Have prior and solid experience in advocacy in health, with at least 5 years of experience, and be able to demonstrate achieved results;

4. Have a prior successful cooperation experience with other main donors in the country (including WFD Albania) for similar issues;

5. Have a dedicated and followed website covering health issues that can be used for the purpose of this initiative.


Application deadline: 3 September, 2021


To read specific objectives and more about how to apply, please see the full version of the request for quotation.

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