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Thursday 23 September 2021
10:00- 11:15am UK time

Leadership for Inclusion : Report launch

Strong democracies need legislation and policies which recognise, measure and plan for the specific needs of and impacts on all citizens. In particular for people who have been, and are minoritised and marginalised, legislation and policy are needed that improves and secures their rights. However, political leadership is essential for inclusive legislative change to be successfully realised.   

On Thursday, 23 September at 10:00am UK time, WFD will host members of parliament, academics and civil society to explore what is needed from those in power to bring about positive and inclusive change.

The event will explore the findings from a new report by WFD in partnership with University of Birmingham that identifies what skills and qualities are needed among parliamentarians to be able to promote inclusive change. Academics and members of parliament will join together to discuss the findings and how it relates to their own experiences.


Louisa Wall, MP, New Zealand Parliament

Hon Louisa Wall is the New Zealand Member of Parliament for Manurewa, having stood for the New Zealand Labour Party. In 2012, Wall submitted a Bill to legalise same-sex marriage in New Zealand to the Member’s bill ballot. It was subsequently drawn and introduced to Parliament, and the Bill was passed and came into effect in August 20213. Wall has also used her political platform to argue for abortion safe zones in New Zealand.

Syed Naveed Qamar, MP, Pakistan People’s Party

Hon. Syed Naveed Qamar is a Pakistani politician who has been a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan since August 2018. He has worked on numerous pieces of legislation championing rights for marginalised communities, including the 2018 Transgender Persons Protection of Rights Bill. Hon. Qamar is a Parliamentarians for Global Action Board member.

Professor David Hudson, Professor of Politics and Development, University of Birmingham

David Hudson in Professor of Politics and Development at the University of Birmingham and Director of the Development Leadership Program (DLP) and Co-Director of the Development Engagement Lab (DEL).

Dr Victoria Hasson, Senior Parliamentary Advisor, WFD

Victoria Ann Hasson is a Senior Parliamentary Advisor at WFD. Victoria works with parliaments and parliamentarians to support inclusive leadership and deliberative practice across the globe as WFD’s lead expert on parliamentary institutional strengthening programmes.

Dr Rebecca Gordon, Lecturer in Social Sciences, University of West Scotland

Rebecca Gordon is a Lecturer in Social Science at the University of the West of Scotland. Rebecca wrote this report whilst a Research Fellow in Leadership for Inclusive and Democratic Politics for the University of Birmingham and the Westminster Foundation for Democracy. Her research focuses on political leadership for inclusive change and the role of the grassroots organisations in inclusive change processes and representation and political leadership.


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  • Who:
    WFD and DLP
  • When:
    Thursday 23 September 2021
    10:00- 11:15am UK time
  • Where
    Online (Zoom)