WFD is looking for an experienced Researcher to support its Global Equality Project in Taiwan

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WFD is looking for an experienced Researcher to support its Global Equality Project in Taiwan

September 20th, 2021


Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) is delivering the Global Equality Project (GEP), in collaboration with the Kaleidoscope Trust (KT), an eight-month programme funded by the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), to work with decision-makers and civic actors to make progress towards advancing gender equality and LGBT+ inclusion. The programme will be delivered across 18 countries and territories in Africa, Asia and the Pacific that retain laws and policies that discriminate against women, girls and LGBT+ people.

GEP will build on WFD’s and KT’s Commonwealth Equality Project (CEP), delivered between October 2020 and March 2021, to ensure that the momentum created by CEP – to amend and repeal discriminatory policies and laws, to defend human rights and to promote gender equality – leads to positive sustainable outcomes.

Under CEP, WFD developed and piloted a guide to post-legislative scrutiny adapted for use by civil society organisations (CSOs) and activists, incorporating an analytical lens that is sensitive to LGBT+ rights and issues. The aim of the guide is to develop a strong evidence base on the impact and implementation of legislation both intentionally and unintentionally discriminatory, which can be used to bolster advocacy efforts for greater equality.

The guide acts as a tool to probe a piece of existing legislation, and show, ideally with evidence, to lawmakers and policy makers that a person can and in some cases has experienced multiple discriminations because of the way that the legislation is framed. This will provide an avenue to put forward alternative recommendations for how the law could be reformed in order to address this.

Under GEP, WFD aims to roll out and pilot the guide in additional countries and territories, supporting CSOs to undertake an ex-post legislative impact analysis to build an evidence base for use in advocacy with parliaments and decision-makers, particularly around gender/LGBT+/SOGIESC rights and legislation. To support this, WFD is seeking a local research consultant to pilot this guide in Taiwan with the support of WFD PLS experts and the author(s) (international consultants) of the guide, and to produce a report on findings and recommendations for CSOs for future use in Taiwan.

The consultant will be required to work with CSOs to select legislation to be reviewed; assisting reviewing legislation or delegated legislation; conduct consultations with community groups and relevant stakeholders to inform analysis on the impact of the selected legislation; review existing data and evidence; and write a report presenting the findings. The purpose of the report will be to facilitate civil society advocacy for legislative reform.

Scope of the consultancy

The local research consultant will be expected to:

  • Work with WFD PLS staff and international consultants to deliver an introduction session on the PLS guide for CSOs and identify the scope of the PLS report in Taiwan.
  • Work with WFD PLS staff and international consultants to deliver pilot workshops in country for CSOs, following the relevant steps in the guide, ensuring the sessions are appropriate and responsive to the country context and LGBT-sensitive.
  • Work with WFD staff and international consultations to support the coordination, logistics and planning of meetings and workshops.
  • Take part in meetings with other stakeholders, as may be required, to familiarise them with the PLS work.
  • Undertake data collection and analysis of findings from the introduction and pilot sessions, including feedback from CSOs/participants and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Undertake desk research to analyse existing evidence and data on the impact of the selected legislation.
  • Develop a comprehensive report on findings from sessions and practical recommendations for CSOs on best practices to take PLS processes forward.
  • Present the findings of the report to CSOs and other stakeholders, as appropriate

The consultant(s) will:

  • Demonstrate a deep understanding of the political and governance dynamics in Taiwan, with thorough knowledge of the recent and ongoing democratic transition and political situation;
  • Demonstrate experience in legal analysis, and familiarity with scrutiny of legislation and legislative impact assessments;
  • Have worked in Taiwan, including experience and knowledge of civil society actors, organisations and dynamics;
  • Have excellent research, analytical and writing skills;
  • Have a post-graduate degree in political science, law, development or related fields or equivalent experience working with civil society, parliaments and legislation on gender and LGBT+ rights; and
  • Working professional fluency in English, and Mandarin/Taiwanese Hokkien.

Expected deliverables and timeline

Approximately 10 days of consultants time is expected to be needed for this assignment.

The consultant will need to be available to start in October, with submission of the first draft report end November/early December.

The presentation on findings will need to take place December/early January.

Rate of GBP £400 per day will be applied, depending on academic background and experience.

Application process

Please submit the following documents to Charlotte Egan, Director, Global Equality Project, and Sophia Fernandes, Senior Adviser Political Inclusion WFD, by 00:00 GMT Tuesday 12 October 2021:

  • A cover letter of not more than 2 pages stipulating how the experience, skills and
    competencies of the reviewer(s) meet the above requirement
  • Submit curriculum vitae for the consultant
  • Expected consultancy fee per day.

Read the full scope of work. 

Photo by Thomas Tucker on Unsplash.

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