International Consultant for assessment of cooperation between Parliament and Independent State Institutions in Georgia

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International Consultant for assessment of cooperation between Parliament and Independent State Institutions in Georgia

October 01st, 2021

The Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) is the UK’s leading democracy support organisation, working in partnership with political parties, parliaments, civil society organisations (CSOs), and electoral bodies around the world to create more inclusive, accountable and transparent democratic systems. WFD strengthens the capacity of these key democratic institutions, helping to ensure they have the systems, knowledge and skills to perform effectively. WFD also fosters improved democratic processes, bringing together individuals and institutions and encouraging them to work together to solve concrete problems, applying democratic values and principles.  


The “Consolidating Parliamentary Democracy in Georgia” Programme, supported by EU/UNDP, aims to enhance parliamentary efficiency in carrying out its key functions and responsibilities thus contributing to a viable democracy and open society in Georgia.  WFD is a sub-contractor on this programme and focuses on embedding the practices of conducting post legislative scrutiny as well as parliamentary thematic inquires within the parliamentary committees while supporting engagement of other stakeholders (e. g. CSOs and journalists) in parliamentary oversight work.  

In addition to this, WFD will also be working on identifying problems and providing recommendations for improving collaboration between the Georgian Parliament and independent state institutions (and regulatory bodies) responsible to the legislature. Parliament is cooperating with these institutions in the areas for which the respective bodies are responsible. The cooperation takes place within a legal framework. It is anticipated that the legal framework, as well as the working practice, needs to be updated and brought into accordance with European/international standards.  

To help to improve the cooperation between the Georgian parliament and state institutions, WFD will carry out a comprehensive assessment of the existing legal framework and practical working arrangements between Parliament and five state agencies in order to identify areas of improvement and develop recommendations based on European best practices. The five agencies are: 

  • Public Defender/Ombudsman Office 
  • State Audit Office  
  • State Inspector Service  
  • National Communications Commission  
  • Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission  

WFD is seeking an international expert who will support the assessment process through applying a WFD established assessment framework and indicators. This will examine, among other criteria: 

  • Mandate, role and objectives of the selected independent state institutions which is usually determined by the various legal documents used for establishing and governing the institution. 
  • Parliament’s role in the selection and appointment of the heads of the institutions. Clarity of the parliamentary procedures including the applied selection criterion.  
  • Authority to prepare and adopt its own budgets by independent institutions. Parliament’s role in this process.  
  • Independent state institution’s reporting to Parliament that includes reporting as well as approval requirements. Parliament’s role in following up the recommendations issued within the reports. 
  • Cooperation among the independent state institutions required for their efficiency and accountability. Parliament’s role in supporting this cooperation. 

The international expert will be provided with supervisory assistance by WFD’s Senior Governance Adviser and will work directly with a local consultant. The international consultant will ensure a high level of analytical support as well as guidance throughout the entire project.  Duties, among others, will include cooperation with parliamentary committees as well as selected independent state bodies.  

Key Deliverables and Timeframe: 

  • A detailed Work Plan for the assignment (including activities, methodology and timeline) developed in cooperation with a local consultant by 15 October 2021. Details of the work plan, along with other relevant information, presented at the project launch event to be arranged by WFD. 
  • Assessment report, covering the legal framework and current practices in Georgia, with recommendations based on European national parliaments’ practice delivered by 30 November 2021.  
  • Dialogue sessions with the key stakeholders (Members and staff of Parliament, officials of the selected 5 independent state bodies and other relevant partners) on the findings and recommendations of the assessment report held by 24 December 2021 
  • Make amendments (if any) to the assessment report following the dialogue sessions and formally present final assessment report to Parliament by 28 January 2022
  • A blogpost highlighting the key findings of the exercise developed by 4 February 2022 

The Final Report should include, but is not limited to, the following: 

  • Description of the current legal framework  
  • Analysis of the current practices 
  • A short and comprehensive assessment of the following national independent oversight and regulatory bodies based on the WFD assessment framework: 
    • Public Defender/Ombudsman Office 
    • State Audit Office  
    • State Inspector Service  
    • National Communications Commission  
    • Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission  
  • Recommendations for improvement and clarification of roles and responsibilities of Parliament towards the independent state bodies, based on practices in other national European Parliaments. 

Both international and local consultant will be jointly responsible for the development and timely delivery of the above-mentioned deliverables, while the international consultant will be the lead author of the report. All the deliverables should be submitted to WFD Georgia country office in English (electronic copy) and agreed with WFD and UNDP. 

WFD can offer up to 22 days for this assignment. 

Qualifications and skills required: 

  • University/Masters degree in Law, Public Administration or Political Science 
  • Experience in comparative analysis, research, assessment on the implementation of the international standards 
  • At least 5 years of relevant professional experience 
  • Knowledge of and working experience with Parliament or Government sector 
  • Experience in participating in debates, round tables or other types of focused discussions 
  • Proven experience in working with the international organizations (successful experience in working with UN agencies is an asset) 
  • Strong analytical and drafting skills 
  • Ability to interpret results and provide practical recommendations 
  • Initiative and resourcefulness 
  • Computer proficiency, including knowledge of MS Office products (Word, Excel, Power Point)  
  • English proficiency required. 

 Expressions of interest 

To express your interest in this Call please send a CV and brief covering letter summarising your relevant expertise to by 7 October 2021. Please provide your required daily fee in USD in the covering letter. 

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