TOR – Media Analyst Assistant for the Thematic Election Expert Mission (TEEOM) to the Gambia

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TOR – Media Analyst Assistant for the Thematic Election Expert Mission (TEEOM) to the Gambia

October 07th, 2021


Thematic Election Expert Mission (TEEOM) to the Gambia

Project location:

The Gambia

Language(s) required:


Start of contract:

25 October 2021

End of contract:

10 December 2021

Contract value:

30 fee days


WFD is deploying a Thematic Election Expert Mission to the Gambia to observe the 4 December 2021 presidential elections. The TEEOM will look primarily at issues of gender and inclusion in the electoral process and media freedom in the wider electoral environment, with a cross-cutting focus on online spaces. The TEEOM will be an independent election mission sponsored by the UK Government and conducted at the invitation of Gambia’s Independent Election Commission (IEC). The TEEOM will be carried out in line with the Declaration of Principles for International Election Observation.

The TEEOM will be an expert mission in size and comprise three international experts, two national experts, and two teams of support staff (consisting of one assistant and six monitors per team) dedicated to monitoring traditional and online/social media. The TEOM will be led by the Mission Lead/Gender and Inclusion in Elections Expert who will work alongside a Media Expert and Social Media Expert (both of whom will work remotely), responsible for teams of national support staff. The two national experts will specialise in elections and inclusion issues respectively, the latter focused on youth and national minority groups.

The Mission will analyse and observe the electoral process and wider electoral environment for at least four weeks prior to Election Day (4th December) and one week after polls close. The thematic observation of gender and inclusion, media freedom, and online spaces in the elections will be done applying the newly designed observation methodology. In line with the newly developed methodology the mission will present a detailed and more granular set of recommendations around the thematic focus.

Social Media Assistant will be responsible for:

The role is to support to the Social Media Expert. The role will include the following tasks:

  • Provides information to the Social Media Expert so that he/she acquires knowledge of the media laws and regulations and the overall situation of mass media in the country;
  • Setting up meetings between the Social Media Expert and interlocutors
  • Writing concise reports as per the Social Media Expert’s instruction
  • Verification of observations from a Social Media Monitoring team to ensure the highest-quality analysis
  • Proactively alerting the Social Media Expert of emerging issues of importance to the Mission online
  • Verification of all information provided to the analyst and a willingness to state when and why one’s level of confidence in information is less than 100%
  • Fill in for the work of other team members in the event of their absence
  • Lead on independent research tasks pertaining to the information requirements of the mission relating to the online environment
  • Provides information to the Social Media Expert so that he/she acquires knowledge of the media laws and regulations and the overall situation of mass media in the country;
  • Prepare briefing materials on media issues as requested by the Social Media Expert;
  • In coordination with the Social Media Expert, prepare relevant information on media reporting on the mission;
  • Coordinate the work of the media monitors as instructed (if applicable); and
  • Performs other duties as required.


The consultant will report directly to the Social Media Expert.


  • The Assistant will be working between 25 October 2021 and 10 December 2021.


  • Exhibiting the highest levels of both discretion and political neutrality in the professional and personal environment
  • A degree in Journalism, Communication, Public Relations, Politics, International Relations, Sociology or another related field is desirable
  • Relevant professional experience of at least 5 years, preferably with International Organizations or NGOs, from which a professional reference can be provided
  • A working understanding of Facebook, including the ‘ads library’ feature
  • A working understanding of Twitter, WhatsApp, and other social platforms
  • A familiarity with, or a willingness to quickly obtain familiarity with, terminology relating to elections and social media, and the electoral system and political landscape of Gambia
  • Not be a member of or activist for a political party, in view of the importance of neutrality on the mission
  • Willingness to work potentially irregular hours given the continually evolving nature of social media content
  • The highest regard for the importance of data protection and adherence to both the law and basic ethical standards in the collection and analysis of data
  • A willingness to respond quickly and accurately to requests for information and information verification
  • A willingness to be potentially exposed to online content that may be discriminatory or violent in nature for purposes of analysis of the electoral environment
  • A commitment to the values of non-discrimination and gender equality of the Mission
  • Demonstrated ability to work with people of different cultural and religious backgrounds, different gender and diverse political views, while maintaining impartiality and objectivity

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