WFD is looking for a consultant experienced in Political Economy Analysis to support its Gender Equality Project in Kuwait

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WFD is looking for a consultant experienced in Political Economy Analysis to support its Gender Equality Project in Kuwait

October 15th, 2021

About WFD

Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) is the UK public body dedicated to supporting democracy around the world. Operating directly in more than 20 countries, WFD works with parliaments, political parties, and civil society groups as well as on elections to help make countries’ political systems fairer, more inclusive and accountable.


Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) is delivering a project to support women’s political participation and representation in Kuwait. This six-month project is funded by the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) . The programme will generate new insights and implementable recommendations for a more gender-responsive political sphere in Kuwait.

The most recent parliamentary elections in Kuwait resulted in two-thirds of incumbents losing their seats including the sole woman MP, leaving a parliament with no female representation despite 29 women running for office. Against this backdrop is borne a need to better understand and respond to the current Kuwaiti gendered political landscape, particularly following the 2020 elections. Leading up to the next elections, it is necessary to better
understand both the formal and informal political dynamics in Kuwait, particularly the spaces where women are able to exercise political leadership.

To better understand the political, economic and sociocultural factors that affect women and girls and their political participation in Kuwait, WFD is commissioning an in-depth, gender sensitive political economy analysis (PEA) to assess the country context and identify concrete opportunities for programming around the inclusion of women, ensuring relevancy with HMG’s areas of focus. Through the findings of the PEA, WFD seeks to identify programming
areas to improve women’s leadership in the political space, potential advocacy opportunities and key stakeholders to engage.

WFD has developed a gender-sensitive PEA framework that is designed to identify problems without assuming solutions and is informed by probing systems and processes; key players including those that are left out of decision-making processes; behaviour drivers; and asks who is missing from the political process. This analytical framework actively aims to foreground the voices of marginalised and under-represented communities who are seeking to interact with the political process. The consultant will be briefed on WFD’s PEA framework and encouraged to use this to inform the analysis.

Purpose of the consultancy:

  • To undertake a gender-responsive, contextualised PEA focusing on agreed priority areas that reflects interconnected power relations of politics, economic and social factors which can inform current and potential future WFD country programme;
  • To lead in designing the methodology of PEA that is feasible and contextualised;
  • To undertake data collection and analysis on the lines of enquiry established in the PEA;
  • To analyse collected data and its implications for programme implementation;
  • To write up the PEA findings in a comprehensive PEA report (draft and final versions), structure to be agreed with WFD
  • To lead in the development of a summary version of the team’s finding for external use;
  • To lead an external briefing on the PEA for relevant stakeholders.

The consultant(s) will:

  • Demonstrate a deep understanding of the political and governance dynamics in Kuwait, including thorough knowledge of the recent and ongoing political situation and parliamentary election results;
  • Have worked in Kuwait and have experience, knowledge and connections with civil society actors, organisations, institutions and understanding of political and social dynamics, particularly that around gender;
  • Bring a thorough understanding of the political economy analysis (PEA) process and methodology, past experience leading a PEA or as a member of a PEA team is highly desired;
  • Have excellent research, analytical and writing skills;
  • Have a Master’s degree in political science, development or a related field; or demonstrable equivalent experience;
  • Demonstrate professional working proficiency in English and Arabic.

Time Frame and Rate:

  •  Maximum of 66 working days over the duration of 3 months.
  • Maximum rate of GBP £300 per day will be applied.

The time frame below lists the key tentative deadlines for the research process. These will be agreed with the consultant.

Activity Date

Expected commencement of consultancyw/c 8 November 2021
Inception meeting with WFDw/c 15 November 2021
Submission of outline of methodology and workplanw/c 15 November 2021
Field visit and data collectionNovember – January 2021
Presentation of findingsTo be agreed upon
Submission of first draft of PEA report14 January 2022
WFD review of PEA31 January 2022
Submission of final version of PEA report14 February 2022

Expected output:

  • Report of PEA for internal use (WFD/FCDO)
  • PEA summary for external use

Submission of Expression of Interest:

Interested candidates (individuals or consultant teams) are invited to submit an expression
of interest comprising:

  • A cover letter of not more than 2 pages stipulating how their experience, skills and competencies meet the above requirements
  • One written sample of their previous work in this area
  • CV(s)
  • Expected consultancy fee per day in GBP, inclusive of all relevant taxes and any
    discounts for WFD as a not-for-profit organisation

Please submit the above documents to Priya Bahia, Programme Manager MENA, and Sophia Fernandes, Senior Adviser Political Inclusion WFD,

Closing Date: 00:00 Friday 5 November 2021
Interviews: w/c 8 November 2021 (TBC)

This consultancy is subject to funding. 

Photo by Ahmad Mohammed on Unsplash.

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