Supporting the State Audit Institution of Montenegro in internal and external communication – WFD is looking for a national expert

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Supporting the State Audit Institution of Montenegro in internal and external communication – WFD is looking for a national expert

October 19th, 2021

Application deadline: 25 Oct, 2021


In 2018 Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) launched a Conflict, Stability and Security Fund (CSSF) funded project that operates in six countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, and Kosovo and is coordinated through a regional Western Balkans office based in Belgrade.

The regional programme titled: “Western Balkans Democracy Initiative” focuses on three components of work:

  • Strengthening Political Parties
  • Strengthening Parliamentary Practice
  • Strengthening Democratic Institutions and Culture

WFD Montenegro is currently working on the issues of transparency and accountability, since various researches and surveys focusing on public perception in Montenegro in the last years show the decline of citizens trust in the state institutions, parliament, electoral processes and even more so in political parties. There is a need for more transparent and accountable political practices and stronger oversight of public finances.

The State Audit Institution (SAI) is the independent institution in charge of controlling the use and spending of public property and finances whose reports are to be discussed in Parliament. The ability to discuss the SAI reports remains limited in the Parliament, but they also do not receive enough public attention, through media and CSOs. SAI reports are very comprehensive and too technical to be easily understood by the wider public and thus many important findings within these reports remain unnoticed.

Recognising this, SAI has developed a Communication Strategy 2020 – 2024, that sets out a series of measures and actions to be taken with the goal of improving institution’s co-operation with all relevant stakeholders while promoting accountability, transparency and good governance in the public sector.

WFD Office in Montenegro, within its project “Transparency and Accountability of political practices”, will support SAI in improving the overall communication – presentation of their reports, summarising reports, using easy to read visuals and improve their communication skills and communication with parliament, CSO and media. Additional support will be given for strengthening the links between SAI and the Parliament, through joint learning opportunities, but also in organising hearings on selected SAI reports. 


The purpose of the assignment is to support the WFD’s office in Montenegro in providing technical expertise and support SAI in developing a Rulebook on communication with media, as well as analyse the internal and external processes of communication, and design and implement tailored workshops. The main goal of this activity is to support the institution in increasing the effectiveness of their communication, both externally and internally, thus improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the institution, as well as the visibility and accessibility of their reports.

This will include:

  • Holding a preparatory meeting with SAI and WFD to identify and agree about the objectives and contents of the Rulebook on communications with media and the programme;
  • Reviewing and analysing current communication processes (both external and internal) through review of documents and targeted interviews and/or focus groups with relevant staff members;
  • Preparing a report on the communication processes with concrete recommendations;
  • On the basis of the former activities, designing and implementing a series of workshops for SAI staff on external and internal communication
  • In close co-operation with SAI, developing and finalising Rules on communication with media.


Timelines and working days

Twenty (20) days are given for completing the assignment. Additional days can be agreed upon as required and annexed to this agreement. This is inclusive of all taxes and will not include accommodation and travel cost.




No. days


Hold a preparatory meeting with the SAI and WFD and review current communication processes

November 2021



Prepare the report with concrete recommendations and the training programme proposal

 November 2021



Development and Finalization of the Rules on communication with media

December 2021 – January 2022



Series of workshop for SAI on external and internal communications

November 2021– January 2022






These deadlines may be adjusted because of unexpected factors due to COVID-19 and other external factors, based on the expressed agreement of WFD and the expert. While all the activities are planned to be implemented live, the expert has to be ready to transfer to online and/or hybrid work, if the health measures require certain adaptations.

The tasks will be carried out in close co-operation and consultation with WFD’s team. WFD Montenegro office will provide all necessary support, including communication with SAI, logistical support and translation/interpretation if and when needed.

The expert should possess extensive experience in working with different public institutions and/or different companies and agencies on improving their communication processes and practices. The expert should possess strong analytical and drafting skills, as well as the ability to interpret results and provide practical recommendations. It is expected that the candidate has significant experience in designing and implementing tailor made trainings and workshops, thus has proven facilitative skills to promote learner engagement, reflective practice, and skill acquisition and excellent grasp of adult learning principles.


To express your interest for this assignment, please send a CV and a cover letter summarising your relevant expertise for this assignment to Aleksandra Vujisić, Programme Manager Montenegro, at: by 25 October, 2021.   

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