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Ukrainian Parliament fosters new oversight skills during the COVID-19 pandemic

2021-07-13T15:16:01+00:00July 13th, 2021|Post-Legislative Scrutiny|

The COVID-19 pandemic required the rapid formulation of emergency laws. In Ukraine, like elsewhere, government had to rush through laws. This is concerning, because the analysis of laws is rarely valued highly even when the process is slower. Monitoring the impact of laws helps ensure that they are achieving their desired outcomes. It also helps [...]

Post-legislative scrutiny of gender-specific legislation

2021-01-06T09:45:28+00:00October 20th, 2020|PDF Document, Post-Legislative Scrutiny, Post-Legislative Scrutiny, Women’s Political Leadership|

The case study titled ‘Post-legislative scrutiny of gender-specific legislation’ examines the role of gender-sensitive post-legislative scrutiny in achieving gender equality through gender-specific laws. The present document identifies the role of gender-specific legislation for achieving gender equality and the potential contribution of post-legislative scrutiny for de facto gender equality. It focuses on important elements of a [...]

Case study 3: Data and gender-sensitive post-legislative scrutiny

2020-10-20T11:18:00+00:00October 20th, 2020|Democracy and Governance, PDF Document, Post-Legislative Scrutiny, Post-Legislative Scrutiny|

The case study titled ‘Data collection and gender-sensitive post-legislative scrutiny’ examines the importance and the key role of gender-sensitive data in gender-sensitive post-legislative scrutiny.  The present document identifies the relationship between gender, legislation and data, examines the concept of gender-sensitive data and its features, importance, sources and potential uses in post legislative scrutiny. It explores [...]

Case study 1: Gender-Sensitive Post-Legislative Scrutiny of general legislation

2020-10-20T11:16:11+00:00July 16th, 2020|Post-Legislative Scrutiny, Post-Legislative Scrutiny, Women’s Political Leadership|

The case study titled: ‘Gender-sensitive post-legislative scrutiny of general legislation’ examines how post-legislative scrutiny of gender (non-gender-specific) legislation can integrate a gender-informed approach.  The present document starts by identifying the links between legislation and gender, and the impact of legislation on women, men and non-binary people. It highlights the importance of gender-sensitive laws as a [...]

Policy Paper: Gender-Sensitive Post-Legislative Scrutiny

2020-10-20T11:03:41+00:00July 16th, 2020|Post-Legislative Scrutiny, Post-Legislative Scrutiny, Women’s Political Leadership|

The policy paper titled ‘Gender-Sensitive Post-Legislative Scrutiny’ examines the meeting point between post-legislative scrutiny and gender analysis. The purpose of the case study is to assist parliamentarians, parliamentary staff, policy makers, parliamentary development practitioners and civil society activists to design or support processes that identify gender-based consequences in the implementation of legislation. The present document [...]

MPs in Nepal scrutinise decades-old laws invoked by Government to respond to COVID-19

2020-05-14T08:42:16+00:00May 13th, 2020|Nepal News, Parliamentary, Post-Legislative Scrutiny|

The Government of Nepal has invoked the Infectious Disease Act 1964 to battle coronavirus, including through enforcing quarantine. The Legislation Management Committee of the National Assembly has announced that it will conduct post-legislative scrutiny of the 57-year old law as part of its role to scrutinise government.

Following the law: Combatting discrimination and human rights violations through post-legislative scrutiny

2019-10-30T10:12:36+00:00October 30th, 2019|Democracy Matters, Post-Legislative Scrutiny|

WFD's Senior Governance Advisor, Franklin de Vrieze, explains the importance of assessing the implementation, impact and unintended effects of legislation for the protection and promotion of human rights in Indonesia. “Public expectations of parliaments’ legislative success have evolved substantially, from getting laws on the statute book to ensuring that laws are brought into effect and [...]

Engaging parliaments on reviewing legislative impact

2019-06-12T19:13:08+00:00May 9th, 2019|Democracy Matters, Post-Legislative Scrutiny, Process and Practice|

As parliaments worldwide start to pay more attention to implementation of legislation, the University of Hull and Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) recently organised in London an expert seminar on Post-Legislative Scrutiny, bringing together academics, parliamentary researchers, parliamentarians and legislative impact specialists. Lord Norton of Louth captured the evolving expectations on the increasing role [...]