Parliamentary Budget Office in North Macedonia presents their work and their first analysis to new MPs

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The Parliamentary Budget Office in North Macedonia established with the support of the Westminster Foundation for Democracy by the end of 2019 organised its first presentation to the members of parliament. The PBO presented its work and their first analysis оn the latest macroeconomic indicators to the newly established Parliament in the country. The presentation [...]

Parliamentary response to the Covid-19 crisis in the Western Balkans

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Ivan Radojevic, Programme Manager, WFD HUGEN Western Balkan project  The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a wide range of responses from government institutions around the world, and parliaments are not an exception. This unprecedented crisis is causing public institutions to adapt their work in response to the new COVID-19 reality. The Western Balkans is one [...]

National e-conference for women political candidates in Uganda

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Promoting women’s political leadership is central to WFD's work. Having women in positions of leadership results in better outcomes for women and girls and society as a whole. It delivers progress in policy areas vital for economic growth and development, such as health, education and infrastructure. Even without these quantifiable dividends, the argument for women’s [...]