High-level policy dialogue on democracy and development in Mozambique with His Excellency President Joaquim Chissano

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Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD), in partnership with Joaquim Chissano Foundation and the Institute of Governance, Peace and Leadership, conducted a High-Level Policy Dialogue on democracy development in Mozambique on 18 June 2019. The former President of the Republic of Mozambique, His Excellency Joaquim Chissano, was the patron of this High-Level Policy Dialogue on democracy [...]

More women in parliament in North Macedonia, but more needs to be done to bolster political participation

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Many factors limiting women’s participation in north Macedonia In the latest Parliament of the Republic of North Macedonia, 45 out of 120 of MPs (38.3%) are women. Local councils established after the 2017 elections are 29.8% women. These numbers show progress in women’s political participation, but the figures still linger at the threshold of the [...]

Advancing gender-sensitive legislation in Uganda

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The last few decades have seen Uganda enact several laws and policies to promote gender equality. However, the mismatch between Uganda’s pro-gender equality legal framework, and its implementation has led to the persistence of gender-based inequalities. For example, succession laws in Uganda impede the protection of the rights of women, children - particularly girls and [...]

Amplifying the voices of persons with disabilities in policymaking in Uganda

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In Uganda, there is a huge disconnect between persons with disabilities (PWDs) and their representatives in parliament. This is primarily because their representatives are elected through an electoral college process that is hampered by inadequate dissemination of the electoral laws and guidelines for elections of PWD representatives at national and local government levels. It is [...]

Ugandan youth leaders push for the African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance to be ratified

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The meaningful participation of young people in decision making for sustainable development and good governance has been constrained across East Africa, often because of a lack of concerted efforts and platforms to include young people in the democratic space(s). To address the youth inclusion gap, WFD is implementing the East African Commonwealth Youth Leaders Initiative to promote [...]

Young people should be better represented, Kenyan activist tells UK Parliament

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The average age of the Kenyan population is 19 years; in Uganda it’s just under 16 years. Yet young people in East Africa are severely underrepresented in politics. This is an issue which has inspired David Momanyi, an experienced youth activist from Kenya who is striving to ensure that all young people can have [...]