WFD opened an office in Tirana in January 2019  to support the parliament, political parties and civil society organisations of Albania. As part of the Western Balkans Democracy Initiative, funded by the UK government, the programme will support political parties, parliamentary practice and democratic institutions in the region.   

Albania’s political direction is linked to the process of EU integration and the beginning of accession talks. 

WFD will work with Albanian political parties to encourage increased cross-party communication. This will make it easier to collaborate on the issues that matter to the people they represent. We will also support parties to make their internal governance structures more democratic and open. 

WFD is working with local organisations who are calling for increased transparency of democratic institutions in Albania. Transparent and open government supports increased accountability as information is readily available to hold the government to account. Civil society organisations (CSOs) provide an alternative channel to engage constructively with government, ensure adequate services are provided and evidence-based policies are adopted.

We will provide training on methods of advocacy and the best ways to engage with parliament. 

Country data 


  • Programme opened in January 2019


Western Balkan Democracy Initiative 

Programme underway

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