WFD launched a new programme to assist the Algerian Parliament in 2017, with funding from the UK embassy in Algiers. The programme provides support on parliamentary process, including induction of new members and advice on how to communicate with those you represent, while also contributing to an improved Algeria – UK relationship.

A new constitution was introduced in Algeria in February 2016. This paved the way towards increased public engagement by transferring new powers to the Parliament. WFD’s programme is designed to support the Algerian Parliament in developing the skills to put these new powers into practice.
WFD’s continued engagement with senior officials in the People’s National Assembly (Lower House) and Council of the Nation (Upper House) led to productive exchanges between MPs and staff in the Algerian Parliament and their counterparts in the UK and a successful induction programme for new members of the National Assembly.

Country data

Programme data

  • 2015: year of first WFD programme 


  • Secured interest from Algerian Parliament in training MPs and staff, and engaging more closely with the UK


Engaging the Popular National Assembly (phase 2)

Programme Underway

Planned end: March 2019

Engaging the Popular National Assembly


Planned end: March 2017

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Karima Kassi
Karima KassiCountry Representative