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Post-Legislatve Scrunity Workshop

WFD is currently implementing a three-year programme (2016-2019) to strengthen parliamentary practice in the national Parliament of Burma. In partnership with the UK House of Commons, British Council and the Irrawaddy Policy Exchange, the programme works with MPs, Committees, parliamentary staff and potential young leaders to improve the technical capacity of the parliament, encourage MPs to engage effectively with the people they represent and inspire a future generation of leaders.

With the promise to transform the impoverished country after more than 50 years of military rule, the new government led by Aung San Suu Kyi created high expectations. By strengthening the parliament’s ability to deliver quality legislation and monitor the new government, the programme supports Burma’s parliamentary institutions with consolidating the transition to a full democracy.
From junior parliamentary staff to committee Chairs, WFD provides insight into UK parliamentary procedure through learning exchanges, thematic technical training and policy advice. As part of this strand of work, British Council English language training, as well as an assessment of the parliamentary building by the Irrawaddy Policy Exchange were conducted.

Country data

Programme data

  • 2016: year of first WFD programme


  • Enhancing capacity of staff to support Members
  • Effectiveness of Committees
  • Human Resources and institutional reform
  • Building Facilities assessment by the IPE
  • English Language Learning by the British Council
  • Hluttaw-Government relations


Strengthening Governance and Accountability in Burma

Programme Finished 99%

Planned end: July 2019

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