WFD is working to improve accountability at the local and national level in Kyrgyzstan by supporting public institutions  to interact more with citizens. In partnership with the UK local government association and Kyrgyz women MPs forum, the programme since 2016 looks at how to improve the way laws are implemented and services are delivered. WFD’s approach invests in the development of MPs, councillors and officials, as well as improving engagement between citizens, institutions and decision-makers to improve trust in governance.

Following decades of Soviet rule and two revolutions, the Kyrgyz Republic is the only parliamentary democracy in Central Asia. This commitment to democratic consolidation and a society based on law and order, is central to our work. WFD supports Kyrgyz efforts through providing technical support, sharing UK expertise, and facilitating peer-to-peer learning and exchange, in and outside of the country.
At the national level, our work enhances the oversight capacity of the parliament. WFD supports the parliamentary Women’s MP Forum, an informal group of women legislators. WFD’s support will help the Forum to hold the government to account on issues impacting the well-being of women and girls, such as child marriage and domestic violence. The programme engages civil society in the oversight process, giving parliamentarians access to their expertise, and bringing ublic policy closer to citizens. Supporting the Forum to scrutinise the implementation of laws will make parliament an effective watchdog for service delivery and safeguarding the rights of Kyrgyz citizens.
Local self-government should be responsive to the needs and priorities of communities. WFD works with institutions, officials and councillors, focusing in three cities: Naryn, Batken and Balykchy. The support increases interaction with society, helping local decision-makers align policies with the community’s real needs. Promoting dialogue between local and national government, ensuring that central government institutions are aware of challenges at lower levels of government, is a central part of the programme. Linked to this, WFD works with the Union of Local Self-Government to effectively represent their members. We engage UK expertise through our partners, the Local Government Association.

Country data

Programme data

  • 2011: year of first WFD programme

Results or Activities

  • Strengthened internal processes and coherence of the Women’s MP Forum
  • Enhanced engagement between MPs and local councillors and communities
  • Increased personal linkages between UK and Kyrgyz members of parliament
  • Introduced a new practice of organising induction training for newly elected councillor and supported its organisation


Supporting local government

Programme Underway

Planned end: March 2019

Strengthening the Kyrgyz Women’s Caucus


Planned end: March 2018

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Aigul Baiburaeva
Aigul BaiburaevaCountry Representative