Since 2012, WFD supported the federal and provincial legislatures in Pakistan. Working with local partners to make WFD’s initiatives sustainable has been at the centre of our approach. From the beginning, we have worked closely with the Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services (PIPS), which is the institution mandated by parliament to support in matters of research, legislation and capacity building across all legislatures of the federation.

In 2017, Pakistan celebrated 70 years of independence, however it was only in 2015 that the parliament completed its first full-tenure and there was a civilian transfer of power. The 2010 constitutional amendments that devolved powers to the provinces also reintroduced a parliamentary system of government. This has made the parliament, both at the federal and provincial level, the focus for debate. New provincial powers have enabled provinces to legislate in key areas close to their citizen’s needs. Although the country faces numerous challenges, the constitutional order and increased economic buoyancy point to a more stable and prosperous future.
WFD worked with the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab in partnership with PIPS to support the Assembly with its new powers after the 18th Amendment to the Constitution gave considerable new responsibilities to the provinces was adopted. Concurrently, WFD was a consortium partner in the EU funded programme; “Improving Parliamentary Performance in Pakistan,” which worked with the federal parliament. Since 2015, WFD extended our engagement at the provincial level to the Sindh region. In addition, we have deepened our relationship with PIPS and the federal parliament and have extended our support to include legislative drafting where Pakistan and the UK have a shared legal tradition.

Country data

Programme data

  • 2012: year of first WFD programme


  • Worked to amend the Standing Orders of the Provincial Assembly of the Punjab 2014
  • Enhanced the capacity of technical legislative drafters through in-depth secondments to the UK


Supporting provincial legislatures’ effectiveness in Punjab and Sindh


Planned end: March 2018

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Mujtaba Zaidi
Mujtaba ZaidiCountry Representative