October 04th, 2019

Democracy goes beyond the ballot box. For democracy to flourish, elected representatives need to be able to find out and understand the needs of the people they represent. Ways for people to find out what is going on in parliament and respond to it are just as important. In Sierra Leone, WFD has been working […]

September 28th, 2019

In Uganda, there is a huge disconnect between persons with disabilities (PWDs) and their representatives in parliament. This is primarily because their representatives are elected through an electoral college process that is hampered by inadequate dissemination of the electoral laws and guidelines for elections of PWD representatives at national and local government levels. It is […]

September 21st, 2019

The meaningful participation of young people in decision making for sustainable development and good governance has been constrained across East Africa, often because of a lack of concerted efforts and platforms to include young people in the democratic space(s). To address the youth inclusion gap, WFD is implementing the East African Commonwealth Youth Leaders Initiative to promote […]

September 05th, 2019 | Tags: Financial oversight, Macedonia, Macedonia spending, North Macedonia, Parliamentary Budget Office, public money, public spending, Skopje, transparency, western balkans, Western Balkans Democracy Initiative

WFD works in North Macedonia to set up new ways to make state institutions more transparent, through increasing the level of scrutiny over public spending – which we believe will lead to a higher level of trust among citizens in key state institutions’ capabilities.  One way which the Assembly is doing this is by setting […]

Tootsie Pop owl and aid
August 27th, 2019 | Tags: Aid, DFID, Governance, thinking and working politically, Tootsie Pop, TWP

WFD’s Director of Research and Evaluation Graeme Ramshaw explores how in governance, looking at how and why things happen can be just as important as the end result.   After several months immersed in content on politics and development, thinking and working politically (TWP), and adaptive management, my mind is awash with ‘wicked problems’, intractable […]

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