People sitting in a meeting
December 14th, 2020

The Gambian Government rolled out a range of measures, from lockdowns to humanitarian relief packages, in response to COVID-19 once the first case was confirmed in the country in March 2020. But how has the implementation of the nation’s COVID-19 response impacted the lives and livelihoods of the more vulnerable people in The Gambia, specifically […]

Sun shining on a snowy wind farm
December 12th, 2020

Today, the UK hosts the Climate Ambition Summit, which marks one year to go until the COP 26 Climate Change Summit. At COP26, major decisions will be taken which will have a fundamental impact on our world.  Our planet still needs help and currently, the help we are providing is not joined up. Democracy, the environment, and human rights are viewed by […]

Parliament building in Kyrgyzstan
December 10th, 2020

Вестминстер демократия фонду, Европа Биримдиги тарабынан каржыланган Медиа Диалог долбоорунун алкагында, Кыргызстанда маалымат жетүү укугунун укуктук базасына талдоо жүргүздү. Ошол эле учурда, маалыматка жетүү укугу жөнүндө мыйзамга, Кепилдиктер жөнүндө мыйзамга жана ушул тармакка байланыштуу башка мыйзамдарга басым жасалды. Анализди эл аралык эксперт Тоби Мендель жергиликтүү эксперт Наргиза Абдураимова колдоосу менен жүргүздү. Биз талдоонун жыйынтыктары жана мыйзамдарды өркүндөтүү боюнча биздин эксперттердин сунуштары менен бөлүшүүнү каалайбыз. Талдоо түздөн-түз маалыматка жетүү укугу жөнүндө мыйзамын таптакыр жаңы мыйзамга алмаштырууну сунуш кылбайт, тескерисинче, мыйзамга узак мөөнөттүү келечекте өркүндөтө турган тиешелүү түзөтүүлөрдү киргизүүнү сунуштайт. Отчетту жүктөп алыңыз

Parliament building in Kyrgyzstan
December 10th, 2020

Вестминстерский Фонд за Демократию в рамках проекта Медиа Диалог, финансируемого ЕС, провел анализ правовых основ право на информацию (ПНИ) в Кыргызстане. При этом уделяя основное внимание Закону о доступе к информации (ДКИ), а также Закону о гарантиях  и другим, относимым к рассматриваемой сфере, законам. Анализ проведен международным экспертом Тоби Мендел при поддержке местного эксперта Наргизы […]

Dove of peace
December 09th, 2020

This blog was first published by PSA Parliaments: The UK Political Studies Association Specialist Group on Parliaments. Read the full report by  Professor Nina Caspersen and Dr Gyda Sindre at the University of York.  Since 1992, Westminster Foundation for Democracy has supported democratic systems as they emerge out of conflict and into peace and stability. Currently, we […]

Group of people posing for a photo
December 04th, 2020

Democracy cannot live up to its promise if part of the population is not adequately represented in leadership – be it in politics or in any other aspect of life. Regrettably, women, persons with disabilities (PWDs) and young people are often excluded from leadership in most parts of the world. WFD is working to change this. Most […]

People in a meeting
December 03rd, 2020

The World Report on Disability (2011) estimates that more than one billion people – about 15% of the world’s population – experience some form of disability. In Kenya, according to the National Bureau of Statistics, 2.2% of the population (0.9 million people) over the age of five live with some form of disability. The statistics show […]

Parliament building in Kyrgyzstan
December 02nd, 2020

Westminster Foundation for Democracy, within the framework of EU-funded Media Dialogue project, conducted an analysis of the legal framework for the Right to Information (RTI) in Kyrgyzstan. At the same time, focusing on the Law on Access to Information (ATI), as well as the Law on Guarantees and other related laws. The analysis was carried […]

A woman presenting
November 27th, 2020

Equal opportunities and equal treatment are key to creating a society free from gender-based violence. WFD’s programmes aim to achieve this by supporting women’s political participation, representation, and entrepreneurship. With more women taking on lead roles in legislative and executive bodies it is easier to make way for legal acts, not to mention a change […]

Reconciliation statue at Stormont
November 26th, 2020

  Parliaments are likely to play a crucial role when states transition from war towards peace. Yet this role is often overlooked and very little research exists on the role of parliaments in peace processes and peacebuilding. Parliaments are an important arena for the inclusion of warring parties, and the resulting interactions could either aid […]

Two women getting along at an event
November 25th, 2020

On 25 November 2020, the Arab League, and a group of cross-party MPs from the UK and Arab region, gathered together to stand united in reaffirming their commitment to tackling violence against women and girls and to making our societies safer, more inclusive and equitable. They called for women’s rights to be prioritised through adopting […]

people sitting at a social distance in a meeting
November 23rd, 2020

From the COVID-19 pandemic to the heightening climate crisis to an increase in authoritarian overreach, 2020 has sorely tested the strength of democracies globally. Even while the world continues to reel from the effects of these multiple threats, at least one lesson of 2020 is already apparent: the parliaments most effective in upholding democratic norms […]

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