November 15th, 2019

Young people in Albania show little interest in engaging with the political life in the country, a new WFD study shows:  Two thirds of the youth surveyed by WFD in Albania claim that they are not satisfied at all with the current political situation in the country. Similarly, they have low trust in the democratic […]

November 12th, 2019

By Sergiu Galitchi, Human Resources Expert, WFD Jordan. WFD is an implementing partner in the EU Support to Jordanian Democratic Institutions and Development (EU-JDID) programme. The programme supports Jordan with its political reform process, including the promotion of inclusive policy and decision-making processes.  Over the last decades, national public authorities across the world acutely realized […]

People on top of the Berlin Wall celebrating its fall. The Brandenburg Gate is pictured in the background.
November 09th, 2019

WFD’s Chief Executive reflects on the importance of strong institutions and good leadership in strenthening democracy in the decades since 1989 and today.

November 07th, 2019

Governance and oversight of the democracy- and governance-support sector  relies heavily  on reporting, specifically reporting in a narrative format. However, that type of reporting, which for some parts of the sector have come to be largely synonymous with “monitoring”, is only useful for certain purposes and is limiting for a variety of reasons. How is WFD tackling the challenge?

November 05th, 2019

Over the past 16 months, WFD has worked with MPs in Uganda to build their capacity to engage with their respective stakeholders and generate momentum to influence Parliament’s agenda in favour of the advancement of women and youth in Uganda.

November 04th, 2019

WFD conducted a survey on  youth perceptions and attitudes towards politics in Montenegro in order to achieve a better understanding of the ways that young can be included in the political life of the country, as well as the factors that cause pessimism among Montenegro’s youth.

October 30th, 2019

WFD’s Senior Governance Advisor, Franklin de Vrieze, explains the importance of assessing the implementation, impact and unintended effects of legislation for the protection and promotion of human rights in Indonesia. “Public expectations of parliaments’ legislative success have evolved substantially, from getting laws on the statute book to ensuring that laws are brought into effect and […]

October 24th, 2019

With the highest emigration rates in Europe, the Western Balkans face a range of economic and social consequences because of people leaving to find a better life abroad. What is more, young people are the most represented group among emigrants, so the future development of these countries will see more and more challenges. Westminster Foundation […]

October 21st, 2019

The last few decades have seen Uganda enact several laws and policies to promote gender equality. However, the mismatch between Uganda’s pro-gender equality legal framework, and its implementation has led to the persistence of gender-based inequalities. For example, succession laws in Uganda impede the protection of the rights of women, children – particularly girls and […]

October 17th, 2019

In October 2019, hundreds of persons with disabilities met with the Mozambican President, Felipe Nyusi and secured his commitment to new laws, policies and strategies to improve the socio-economic and political inclusion of persons with disabilities in Mozambique. The Forum of Organisations of People with Disabilities (FAMOD) and Mozambican Association of Disable People (ADEMO), in […]

October 08th, 2019

On 8th of October 2019, the Westminster Foundation for Democracy launched the HUGEN project. HUGEN stands for human rights and gender network. The project aims to support Western Balkans parliaments in reaching international standards for human rights and gender equality.

October 04th, 2019

Democracy goes beyond the ballot box. For democracy to flourish, elected representatives need to be able to find out and understand the needs of the people they represent. Ways for people to find out what is going on in parliament and respond to it are just as important. In Sierra Leone, WFD has been working […]

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