WFD seeks partners to support effective online engagement and digital delivery

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WFD seeks partners to support effective online engagement and digital delivery

WFD intends to procure a multi-provider framework agreement to provide technical services to support WFD’s capacity and capability for effective online engagement and digital delivery.

Successful bidders will be invited to join a WFD Digital Partner Panel consisting of one or more suppliers for a period of two years.

Each Digital Partner will be subject to a framework agreement, which will establish the common core terms and conditions governing any order contracts to be awarded over a two-year period, together with agreed pricing, services, and specification. A framework agreement does not guarantee the award of any business to a Panel member, but it does establish a preferred and available pool of Digital Partners for WFD to contract with, if and when WFD decides that it wishes to purchase services that are within the scope of the Panel and framework agreement. Order contracts may take place as and when required within the duration of the framework and may be issued to a Digital Partner on a single source basis or following a mini competition among Panel members, as appropriate.

The envisaged services to be purchased from Digital Partners are summarised into 5 LOTs, the full specification of which can be viewed here.


Q: Can we assume that all of the Lot 2 deliverables are only to be supplied in English?

A: Lot 2 would only be in English

Q: Lot 3 – Requirements specify the need to provide a learning management system (LMS) for delivery of the elearning. To provide indicative costings for this we’ll need to know what you envisage in terms of:

  • total number of elearning courses to be hosted
  • total number of active users per year

A: It is difficult for us to provide any estimates and predictions for the number of users or total number of e-learning courses as this hasn’t been a focus for us before. For comparability purposes, the simplest approach would be if you could provide a per course/per user course

Q: Lot 3 – How many languages will you require elearning content to be produced in? (It would be useful to have an indication of which.)

A: We would expect most content to be in English, but from time to time there may be a need to translate content into other languages, including Arabic, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and potentially a local language. It would be good to understand the likely daily costs of translation.

Q: Due to the COVID19 restrictions, all our staff are currently working from home and without access to printers.  As a result of this, please can you confirm if you will accept an electronic copy only and an e-signed Certificate of Compliance?

A: I can confirm that an electronic copy and e-signed Certificate of Compliance will be fine. The hard copy is a method of submission that we will be removing from our procurement process in the future.

Q: Can I clarify the submission deadline please, as the 24th is a Sunday and the 25th is a bank holiday. Would close of play on Tuesday 26th be reasonable?

A: We are happy to accept submissions on the 26th of May

Q: LOT 3: What specific functionality and interoperability requirements do you have for this platform?

A: We would be interested in the following features in any recommended learning platform:

  • General integration with the Microsoft 365 platform
  • Easy content creation and curation for WFD staff or contractors
  • WFD-branded portal
  • Simple, user-friendly, access to impactful and engaging self-led e-learning content
  • Platform to deliver impactful and engaging facilitated learning opportunities, e.g. workshops, webinars, MOOCs
  • Ability to facilitate peer-to-peer interaction and social learning in a safe online space
  • High quality user experience, including in low bandwidth environments and on mobile devices
  • Ability to create individual user/learner accounts, learner dashboard, and introduce personalisation
  • Functionality to enable online pre- and post-assessment and learner feedback
  • Data insights and reporting
  • High levels of automation of administration for the platform

Q: LOT 3: In terms of support for this system, do you require end-user of admin support or both? What specific Hosting requirements do you have?

A: Both end user support and admin support

Q: In terms of the learning content, for the small and large bespoke learning content requirements, what does small mean to you, anything you can share in terms of scope? i/e 20-minutes/content screens?

A: Difficult to say, subject to need/demand/opportunity and guidance on instructional design. However, it is likely that we may identify needs for short learning opportunities (up to 15-30 minute self-led e-learning products or TED-talk style sessions); medium (1-2 hour self-led e-learning products or webinars); and large (modular, likely facilitated courses, up to one day in duration or a MOOC).


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