Persons with disabilities (PWDs)

Disability inclusion is important in ensuring persons with disabilities (PWDs) can access their fundamental rights and principles. In Kenya, WFD in partnership with Demo Finland is promoting persons with disabilities (PWDs) inclusion within political parties by implementing the Kenya Inclusive Political Parties (KIPP) Programme.

The programme works with 13 political parties and 21 organizations of persons with disabilities (OPDs) and civil society organizations (CSOs).

The analysis shows that the pandemic affected health and social services, finances, work, education and other areas of the lives of respondents. For 76% of the participants in the survey, their expenses rose, particularly for hygiene products and medicine. The purchase of supplements and medicine for protection from the virus that were another added expense. The persons who use therapy purchased from abroad had problems in getting their therapy after the borders were closed. Waiting in lines at health points and pharmacies was an additional health risk.