Women's political leadership

Southeast Asia is home to both high-achieving countries and those that are lagging when it comes to gender equity. According to the World Economic Forum’s 2020 Global Gender Report, the Philippines outperforms many Western nations – like Australia, the USA, and Switzerland – in closing the gender gap in education, economic participation, political empowerment, and health outcomes. By contrast, Myanmar is ranked in the bottom 25th quartile of countries in terms of gender equity.

This framework presents principles and approaches to underpin WFD’s programming in fragile and conflict-affected contexts, offering a guidance for WFD’s staff and partners. It outlines:

  • The challenges posed by fragility, conflict, and violence
  • The dynamics underpinning political settlements in conflict and fragile contexts
  • Key principles and programmatic approaches to navigate politics in FCAC
  • WFD’s suitability to become a more peace and conflict responsive organisation
  • Selected programmatic entry points