Public finances

Considering the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic and the Omicron wave that Albania had do deal with during the reporting period, the health-related issues and how the government handled the situation is important to be scanned through the civil society lenses and produce unique reports that scrutinize the health state budget. 


These policy briefs, produced by WFD and the National Democratic Institute (NDI) provide information on the role of parliaments in debt transparency and debt sustainability explain parliamentary roles and good practices related to public debt. They are four policy briefs, structured around key themes:

One of the outputs of the projects was the Parliament to enhance knowledge, awareness and information of practices and instruments that support financial oversight. In that direction, three pilot products has been developed for the Macedonian Assembly to test new financial oversight practices and present them to relevant stakeholders in parliament, government and CSOs to support their engagement in the budget process.

As global governments seek to manage the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the impact on public finances has been devastating. With many countries struggle with high levels of public debt, the role of parliament in the governance and oversight of financial decision-making has never been more important.