Democracy in the world

EU-JDID encompasses four key components – support to parliament, elections, the political party system and civil society. WFD is primarily involved in the first: supporting parliament in order to make it more modern, open and inclusive and ultimately improving the lives of Jordanian citizens.

As the UK looks outward as post-Brexit ‘Global Britain’, the world is facing both rising authoritarianism and democratic decline. A new paper by Alex Thier, former director of the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) and Obama administration international aid advisor, argues that Britain has an opportunity for international leadership at this pivotal moment in its history: The UK’s interests, values, resources and influence call for a leadership role in supporting democratic governance and confronting authoritarianism.

Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) has released a study which assesses the dynamics and potential of the most prominent social (civic) movements in Albania. The study provides an insight into their activities, capacity and impact in advocating the public interest, as well as the general public’s perception of them. The study uses mixed research methods, including a survey of 1018 citizens in seven regions of the country.  

The belief that democracy hinders development remains deeply entrenched among much of the development community. This belief persists due to a failure to update “received wisdom” as new evidence has come to light and an overreliance on a small number of authoritarian “success stories” that rarely receive the scrutiny they deserve. In addition, the contributions that democratic institutions make to development tend to be “quiet successes,” and so are easily overlooked.

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